13 Companies That Are Using Customer Testimonials The Right Way

It’s a no brainer that companies need to collect testimonials and feedback from their customers, but what makes a powerful testimonial strategy? Its all about collecting quality content, organizing that content, and putting it in front of the eyes of the right people.

Here are 13 companies that have their testimonial strategy down:

1. Zendesk

Zendesk Customer Testimonials

2. Hubspot

Hubspot Customer Testimonials

3. Zapier

Zapier Customer Testimonials

4. The Honest Company

The Honest Company Customer Testimonials

5. Salesforce Desk

Salesforce Desk Customer Testimonials

6. The Resumator

The Resumator Customer Testimonials

7. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes Customer Testimonials

8. Groove

Groove Customer Testimonials

9. InVision

InVision Customer Testimonials


They prove that it’s okay to Customer Testimonials

11. Prezi

Prezi Customer Testimonials

12. Marie Forleo B-School

Marie Forleo B School Customer Testimonials

13. Marketo

Marketo Customer Testimonials

Why Do Their Strategies Work? :

Visually Appealing:

All of these customer testimonial pages are easy to look at, make you want to click around the site, and follow the company’s branding flawlessly.


Many of these brands segment their testimonials by customer group or Industry. They recognize the different buyer personas that are associated with their brand and make it easy to find content that each persona can relate to.

Include an Image, Logo, or Video:

There’s no better way to make your testimonials more personal that to include some sort of identification that allows the potential customer to “put a face to the name”. An image or video works flawlessly for individual customer testimonials, and a logo works well for recognizable brands. These companies do a great job of adding that personal touch to their testimonial pages, and this makes them a lot more powerful than simply showing text.

Powerful Taglines:

Many of these companies did a great job of figuring out what made them credible, and posting it on their testimonial pages to give them a one, two, punch. A concise tagline works wonders at keeping the visitors engaged. My favorite was InVision App’s powerful tagline: “Why Do So Many of the Worlds Smartest Companies Use InVision?” As soon as I read that, I thought to myself, “I don’t know, but I want to find out!”

Show Competitors:

Some of these companies show quotes comparing them to their competitors. This is a smart tactic to use if you’re competing with a well-known or top brand in your industry. Chances are, if thats the case, many potential customers will come to your site looking to switch product or services, why not have customers address that?

Main Takeaway:

Testimonials are a resource that all companies should be using, but it’s how you use them that makes the true impact on your business. These 13 companies are great examples of testimonials being used in the right way.

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