5 Website Updates To Help Chrysler Close More Sales

Obtaining a standing position as one of the “Big Three” automotive manufacturers in the United States is an impressive achievement. Having the best cars, employees, dealerships, prices, and website are all contributors to this success. But the industry is rapidly changing and Americans are rethinking how they are buying cars by spending less time in car dealerships and more time in front of their computers.

Buying a car online

It is hard to imagine that such a successful company could be doing anything wrong to potentially damage their future standing. When you take a look at Chryslers website, you will see why they are ranked number 3 in America – but maybe not for long.

These 5 Website Updates Could Save Chrysler From Falling Short Of Their Competitors:

Social Media Sharing

Social media is everywhere and constantly evolving in today’s society. Companies need to recognize where their target market is engaged and capitalize on that. Chryslers site has a Build Your Own Car Option. With this, the user can choose the model, powertrain, color, packages, additional options, and price. It would be wise to take this option one step further and include social media sharing buttons. Connecting this with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allows users to share their dream car with their social network. This option would help increase participation in the feature, increase website traffic and search rankings, and ultimately increase car sales because of the social proof it provides.

Social Sharing Buttons

Share Your Story

Social proof is a leading influencer for marketing efforts today. There is no better way to get a consumer to purchase a product or service than to show them that their peers are as well. Marketing Land author Amy G states that, “90 percent of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews”. It is hard to believe, but Chryslers website is missing customer generated content and lacks reviews and testimonials. Implementing a testimonial management system on their website would be a valuable addition and help them to leverage social proof.

Customer Testimonials On Website


Chrysler is ranked behind GM and Ford; their website also follows suit. With technology rapidly advancing, it is expected that big brands would be the leaders in modernizing their websites. Chrysler’s website is not keeping up and lacks the modernization that you see on competing sites. Ford and GM’s websites are more visually appealing and attract the correct target market that would be shopping for a car online. Even if Chrysler believes they have a older target market, that group of people would not be the type to abandon the dealership experience for the internet. Instead, Chrysler should focus on bringing their website up to speed for the internet savvy customers and this will help them keep up with their competition and prevent them from falling further behind.

Catch The Attention

According to the Neilsen Norman Group, most users stick around less than 59 seconds on a website. So, if you don’t capture the user’s attention in less than a minute, you’ve lost them. Chryslers website does not do this to the extent of what they are capable of. The first thing you see when going onto their site is a price tag and this send a bad impression to the user by basically saying “all we want is your money”. The competition does not have any pricing on their main page and for a good reason. They know the first step to a sale is catching peoples attention, not closing the sale. By updating their website’s content, they could increase the valuable time potential customers spend shopping on their site, and in turn increase sales.

Chrysler's Main Page



A simple website is a successful website. People prefer visiting sites where they instinctively know where everything is. This makes is easier to successfully complete the action or task they were looking to complete in the first place. Chryslers website provides its visitors with too many options, making it confusing for even computer savvy people. Ideas that could simplify their site are making sure to put things where customers are accustomed to finding them, utilize as much whitespace as possible, and take out or combine some of the unnecessary redundant links. By simplifying their site they will create a more seamless shopping experience for their users.

Chryslers Tabs

Chrysler is an extremely prosperous automotive manufacturer, but transforming their website could bring them to the next level. They need to take into account how popular car shopping online has become, and update their site to delight their shoppers. If Chrysler takes into consideration these 5 simple website changes, they will be on their way to  to their competitors.

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