01 Aug 2013
by Stephanie Sundheimer

6 Ways to Collect Customer Testimonials

So you know having testimonials on your site is important, but how do you ask customers for a testimonial in a way that they will respond? Here are 6 ideas for collecting testimonials.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

Contests can be a great way to collect testimonials. Send an email out to your customers with details on how to submit a testimonial, and let them know that submitting a testimonial will get them entered into a random drawing. A little incentive can go a long way. We have given away electronics as well as gift cards and had great results both ways.

Share your information on Facebook

Chances are good that most of your Facebook friends know what type of work you do and may have even done business with you. If this is the case, they are an easy target! Share a post on your businesses Facebook page or message people individually encouraging them to give you a testimonial.

Promote it on LinkedIn

There are a lot of business folks on LinkedIn that may not be on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Work on building up your LinkedIn network then using it to share information on how people can submit a testimonial about your company.

Email your customers from last month

One of the easiest and most popular ways to collect testimonials is just to look at your last month of business contacts get in touch with the newest customers who haven’t given you a testimonial yet. This is a perfect time to collect testimonials because you will still be fresh in their mind allowing to provide a more detailed testimonial.

Hold their hand

Next time you are with your satisfied customer, offer to take the testimonial yourself. Pull your mobile phone out of your pocket, type in your campaign code and record a video of them. Beforehand, you may want to give them some suggestions on what to talk about (who they are, why they decided to use you, what you did for them, how happy they are with the outcome). When you are done recording the testimonial, type up some notes in the description area, and submit the testimonial for them!

Include it on your business card

Include web addresses directly on your business card that will drive your customers to the pages on your website with all your testimonials as well as your testimonial submission information.

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