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Testimonial Collection Made Easy

Collection Made Easy

Testimonial Collection Made Easy

Nothing can help establish credibility for your business quite like countless videos from sincerely satisfied customers. With Boast, it’s easy for customers to share their stories and rave about your brand and their experiences. Simply add the submission widget to your website or have your customers download the mobile app to start collecting praise.

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Showcase Praise on Your Website

Showcase praise on your website

Showcase Praise on Your Website

Managing your video testimonials and showcasing them for the world to see is easy. We’ll give you an embed code to paste on your site, and after your customers submit their praise, you’ll be notified to approve your videos before they automatically appear on your website.

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Collect More Praise With Kiosk Mode

Collect more with Kiosk Mode

Collect More Praise With Kiosk Mode

Encourage customers to tell their stories at conferences and events with kiosk mode. Kiosk mode for Boast allows you to mount a mobile device, such as an iPad and lock your device in the Boast mobile app. Customers can easily record a video or take a photo of themselves to give you praise.

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Business to Business

B2B companies use Boast every day to give their organizations a face, collect valuable customer feedback, and showcase testimonials from their clients. Help your customers tell stories about your business with Boast.

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Retail Stores

The most successful retail stores provide superb customer service, allowing them to convert new customers and keep return customers happy. Boast offers a unique way of capturing customer satisfaction for improving those relationships.

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Events & Conferences

Conferences and events are all about the experiences of your attendees. Without a way to capture their satisfaction, you have no way to judge your success. That’s where Boast comes in.

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