10 Jun 2015
by Megan Marsack

Advantages of Collecting Testimonials in Person

Customer reviews are a driving force behind gaining and keeping loyal customers. Having a company representative present when your customers are leaving their testimonials is an excellent approach to collecting an assortment of rave reviews.

Collect Testimonials in person

Why Collect Testimonials in Person?

Increases Participation

One of the primary reasons businesses experience trouble while attempting to collect video testimonials from customers is the fact that people do not want to put the time or effort into completing such a task. Having a company representative present to collect testimonials will increase the number of people willing to participate.

One reason for this increase in participation is familiarity. Chances are the customers you ask to leave a testimonial are “regulars” who are familiar with your brand and more specifically, you and your employees! It’s hard to turn down a request from those you are familiar with.  Secondly, there might be something in it for them. Whether that’s a coupon or free merchandise, this will increase those willing to participate.

Gives Customers Guidance

Another advantage of collecting in-person testimonials is that it allows you to provide your customers with topics to talk about during their testimonial. By asking your customers properly worded questions regarding you and your business, you are facilitating a conversation that will shine a positive light on your business.

For example, you could ask a customer, “What was your favorite part of working with my business?” By wording the question in such a manner, the customer will be prompted to recollect only the positive experiences they had while working with you. Thus, this customer’s testimonial will highlight the exceptional work done by your company and provide future customers with insight on the hard work ethic of the company and employees. In addition, providing people with topics to discuss during their testimonials makes them feel more conversational and less awkward.

It’s The Right Time To Collect

Collecting customer testimonials when patrons are satisfied with the end result of your work can be very advantageous. For example, a contractor finishes redesigning a customer’s kitchen, and the customer is extremely pleased with the work that was done. This is the perfect time to ask this happy customer to leave an exceptional video testimonial displaying the newly finished kitchen, along with a personal statement detailing how pleased he or she is with the work that was done.

Can Provide Proof of your Success

A majority of companies only showcase written testimonials from customers detailing their satisfaction with the product or service they purchased. The validity of these written reviews are often questionable due to the fact that there is no proof that the end result is as amazing as it is claimed to be or that a real customer actually wrote it. This is why it is beneficial to provide videos and images to supplement the written testimonials and give evidence of a job well done.

By collecting customer testimonials in person, you can use your camera phone or iPad to record videos or take pictures of the work you have done, adding a sense of credibility to the testimonials you are providing for future customers. For example, the contractor who redesigned a homeowner’s kitchen can use video to show the finished product to accompany the happy customer’s rave review. This allows future customers to not only read about the amazing work that you did, but also see it.


Collecting Testimonials In person

Helps You Overcome Skeptics

No matter how brilliant your work is, there will always be people skeptical about working with you. People may question your reliability and wonder if what they are paying for is what they are actually going to receive. By providing video testimonials to potential clients, you are allowing them to relate to your previous clients and gain a feel for the work done by your company from people just like them. You are able to show an accurate portrayal of the work done by your company, which will leave potential customers with a sense of confidence when making buying or hiring decisions.

Your presence during the collection of your testimonials can be a huge benefit. Not only will you increase the likelihood of participants, but you will also have the ability to diversify your testimonials with different prompts. In turn, you’ll be dominating your industry by displaying the best testimonials possible for your business.

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