12 Mar 2014
by Samantha Dunn

The Benefits of Using Video in Interviews

In a technology-dominated generation, we’re beginning to see more use of video within the hiring process. Older methods such as phone and lengthy one-on-one interviews are being replaced by cost and time efficient methods like video interviewing. As an employer, there are many benefits to integrating video into your hiring process. Here are some items to consider when deciding if video interviews are right for your business:

Video Interviewing

Efficient Use of Time

Using video when you’re seeking new job candidates allows you to start and manage the process on a schedule that works for you. Often companies struggle with having enough time to think about hiring someone, let alone going through a lengthy interview process. By having candidates video themselves answering common questions that you generally ask every person you interview, it allows you to assess each candidate at your convenience. Start, replay and analyze candidates on a schedule that works for you.

Read Non-Verbal Cues

Competition for jobs can get pretty fierce in a time when *27% of people are not working in the industry they were trained for. People from all around the country are vying for positions. Due to this businesses often have to initially resort to phone interviews to meet potential candidates. The problem with phone interviews is that you can only understand so much about someone without actually physically seeing them and interacting. If you were able to incorporate video into your hiring process, it gives you the ability to draw on facial and bodily cues to better understand personalities, skills and characteristics. You can get a much better understanding of soneone when you are able to see how they respond non-verbally.


The interview process can get expensive, especially from the business’ side. Travel, food and other expenses can add up when you’re trying to locate the perfect fit for your company. It has been found that companies spend anywhere from *$1,300-$5,000 each time they hire someone new. By having applicants video themselves answering preliminary questions, you can save on the front end to make sure that those you invest in are worth the expense.


Have you ever using videos while interviewing for positions? What are the pros and cons?


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