How to Collect Testimonials – Convenience is Key

Boast makes it easy for your clients to submit testimonials from a mobile app or your website at their convenience, but sometimes finding the time to submit a testimonial can be tough. Try making Boast a part of your business process so you can collect more testimonials while making it more convenient for your customers.

Whether you meet with customers at their office, your office, their home or elsewhere, chances are good that you see them in person from time to time. The next time you are face to face with a customer, take the opportunity to collect a testimonial using Boast!

Just after you complete a project and you notice your client gushing over your handy craftsmanship, ask for a quick testimonial that you can share with prospective customers. Naturally, the client will agree, because you are awesome and they love you. Once you have them on the hook, pull out your phone, open up your camera, and ask your client to kindly:

  • State their first name
  • Explain the services or projects you provided
  • Discuss the final product
  • Recommend you to others

That’s it. In just 30 to 60 seconds, you will have a glowing testimonial recorded on your phone. You can then open up the Boast app to enter in your own campaign code, craft a headline, type in a couple quotes from the video, attach the video, and submit it.

While text and photo testimonials are great, video testimonials are by far the most effective way to share experiences with prospective new customers. If it isn’t practical to meet in person with your clients to collect testimonials, you can always ask customers to use Boast to submit their praise on their own. Many will do it when they have some free time or if they are motivated by a compelling giveaway. However, if you find yourself in front of your customer with the camera ready to go, save your customer and yourself the time and give it a go.

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