03 May 2016
by Kelsey Taber
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Create Better Marketing Visuals with These 5 Tools

Creating captivating marketing visuals is a huge part of influencing your audience with your content. Consumers are flooded by an incredible amount of information everyday and visuals create an attention grabbing information break. There are a wide variety of tools out there to help you create captivating marketing visuals. These tools can help even those who lack creativity create amazing quality visuals.

quality marketing visuals

Here are 5 tools to create better marketing visuals:

#1: Canva

This tool allows you to create and edit visuals to fit each of your social media posts, email content, website content, and everything in between. There is a massive selection of layouts you can choose from to create a visual from scratch. Or you can also upload your own image and enhance it with text and icons. This tool is a great way to brand your marketing content to create a stronger brand presence. With features like layouts that specifically fit each social media post size, you can make sure your marketing visuals are effective across the board.

Marketing visuals with canva

#2: Placeit

This tool allows you to place your website, mobile, and social photos and screenshots into images of people, devices, and scenes. For example if you’d like a picture of a business woman presenting your new website to a group of business people, you simply take a screenshot of your desired page and drag and drop the image in the correct place in the pre-made photo. Placeit is a wonderful way to create specialized images for your website, social media pages, and other marketing content. It helps you convey your message through visuals stronger than a general stock photo.

Marketing visuals with placeit

#3: Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot allows you to enhance your screen shots and turn them into informational content. First, you are given the option to capture a section of your webpage, the visible area of the page, or even the entire page. From there you can add icons like arrows, and text that helps you convey information. This tool is great for quickly creating visual tutorials, or to enhance informational blog posts.

Marketing visuals with awesome screenshot

#4: Pexels

Pexels is a high quality stock photo website. All of the photos that are added weekly to the site are edited in a way that allows you to immediately place them on your website or social media posts. Pexels is one of the best websites to find stock photos that work for your content and appeal to a wide range of industries.

Marketing visuals with pexels

#5: Google Slides

Whether you need to create a presentation or website content, like a guide for example, Google slides is a wonderful tool. The templates you can choose from aren’t comparable to any other slideshow creator. Each of the presentation templates that you can download are filled with different styles of slides that you can choose from while keeping the overall theme seamless.

Marketing visuals with google slides

The marketing visuals you choose can make or break your content. These tools can help you ensure your visuals are top quality and work effectively at grabbing the attention of your audience. What are some of your favorite tools to use to create marketing visuals? Comment below!


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