Why Your Customers May Not be Submitting Praise

Failed Customer Testimonials

Collecting customer reviews is crucial to business growth and development. They can provide an overall understanding of your customers’ experience with your brand, products or services. Once you receive customer reviews and testimonials, finding a way to use them to benefit your business is the easy part. However, getting your customers to actually submit feedback is the real challenge. There are many different ways you can ask for feedback, but certain factors could be limiting the chance your customers respond. Below are a few reasons why your customers may not be taking the next step to submit a testimonial.

1. Long or Confusing Process

One reason that your customers may not be willingly submitting testimonials is because the process is too long or confusing. Your customers are busy and don’t have time to sit and figure it out on their own. Keep the process simple and short by supplying instructions on how to submit a testimonial and guide them through the process. This will increase the chances your customers will submit a review and can limit the amount of those who may quit before submitting because they can’t figure it out.

2. Not Asking the Right Questions

Another reason why your customers may not be submitting a testimonial is if you are not giving them any direction on what to talk about. If you give no direction, they’re not going to know what to say and won’t take the time to figure it out. Also, without direction, you could be receiving testimonials that your business won’t benefit from. For example, if your purpose is to get feedback for product development and your customers submit testimonials regarding your customer service, you may be getting information you aren’t asking for.

3. No Incentive

Your customers may also not be submitting testimonials because they think it doesn’t benefit them. Offering a small incentive, such as a coupon or a link on your website to theirs can increase the chances that they will take the time to submit a testimonial.

4. Little Communication

Staying in touch and checking in with your past customers or clients will build long-term relationships and help business growth. If you don’t maintain communication with customers after they’ve purchased a product or requested a service, they will feel unimportant and be less inclined to submit a testimonial down the road.

5. You’re Asking The Wrong Way

Customers may not be submitting testimonials because of the way you’re asking for them. Outright asking for a testimonial or review without specify why or how it could benefit them or your business is only going to result in a lot of work on your end with little results. Instead, ask customers for their personal feedback or thoughts on the experience they had with a specific product or service to encourage them to take that next step.

When asking your customers to submit a testimonial or review, it’s important to keep user experience in mind. If the process is too long or confusing, they won’t waste their time figuring it out. They’re helping you out by giving you praise, so you should help them make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

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