13 Jul 2015
by Kelsey Taber

How Periscope is Changing The Way Companies Use Video Content to Engage

The way people are engaging with the world is rapidly changing. There is no longer an urge to form a narrative or collection of personal posts. More and more people are adapting to engaging on social media in the moment. With this change we see social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat becoming more readily used platforms, while leaving collection style sites like Facebook in the dust. A newcomer to this instantaneous social media format is Periscope. This app gives users a platform to share and view live video content and engage with what’s going on in real time.

What Is Periscope?

Periscope Live Video Applicaiton

Periscope is a social media application founded on the “fascination of seeing the world through someone else’s eyes”. By creating an account you have live video content from all over the world right at your fingertips. It gives a new perspective to video engagement by allowing users to post meaningful content from personal updates all the way to joining in on broadcasting breaking news footage. The way Periscope puts it on their website eloquently explains what the app does in one sentence – It’s “a visual pulse of what’s happening right now”.

How Does Periscope Work?

The first step is to create a periscope account. This account can be connected through your email or Twitter account. Once created you can follow your friends, favorite brands, celebrities, and other accounts that interest you. Periscope gives you a feed of recently posted content by those you follow and live content of what’s being posted in real time. There is also a world and list view that allows you to see live content thats happening around the world. The next function is the ability to post your own live broadcast. Simply allow access to your phone’s camera, microphone, and location and instantly record a live feed of what’s going on around you. Finally you are able to find people to follow through a list of the “Most Loved” people on Periscope.

The next unique piece of periscope is how users engage with the live content being posted. On the left hand corner of the live broadcast there is a feed of comments about the broadcast. Some comments are suggestions about what could make the content better such as “get a close up!” or “turn the camera!”. Other comments are simply expressions of excitement and encouragement. To add to this live feed users can send hearts to encourage the footage. The hearts appear to the right side of the feed above the area where the number of people tuning in to the broadcast can be seen. The way that users can engage with the live broadcasts are what creates a community around the footage.

Periscope Consumer Engagement

How Can Companies Use Periscope To Delight Customers?

Video content is one of the most influential resources to engage with your customers. Periscope allows brands to tap into what their target audience finds inspiring, exciting, and relevant. A strong inbound marketing strategy involves companies engaging with their customers in a meaningful way. Companies are no longer forcing content down the throats of their potential customers, they are now creating and showcasing content that will inspire consumers to engage with them. Periscope opens new doors for companies to engage with consumers with meaningful video content. A few ways companies can use periscope to engage are:

1. Breaking Company News & Exclusive Sneak Peeks

Consumers are obsessed with a behind the scenes perspective. Take, for example, Beyonce’s silent release of her brand new album back in 2013. Fans went absolutely nuts! Periscope gives companies a platform to share exclusive content, and create a buzz that is unlike any other. Whether that be a personal company update, like an office change, or a company sneak peek, like a new product release, companies can use periscope to share news in a new, engaging way.

2. Live Event Broadcast

Attending or putting together marketing events is a regular occurrence for many brands. Before Periscope, not much could be done to connect in real time with consumers who could not attend the event. Now companies can live broadcast the charity event they’re participating in, or the annual conference they’re attending, and bring their customers directly into the conversation.

3. Customer Case Studies & Live Engagement

Leveraging social proof through real customer feedback is one of the best ways to gain and keep customers. Periscope is a new and exciting way of showing that off. One way brands can showcase this strong customer relationship is to have current or potential customers tune in for a live question & answer session with a brand advocate. One great way to find customers who would be good candidates for this live experience would be by collecting customer testimonials for your website. Use video testimonials to find what customers have to say about your brand, and dive deeper by conducting an in person, live case study.

4. Influencer Endorsement

One marketing strategy thats been used for decades gets a face lift with Periscope. Now companies can use influencers in their industry to give a live, organic endorsement of their product or service. This allows brands to have fun with endorsers and use them for new content other than your typical commercial. Having a big name celebrity take over your periscope for the day, for example, could lead to viral exposure without the large price tag of a commercial.

5. Humanize your brand

The core of a brand is based on your office culture. Once that is established, what you practice on a week to week basis shines through in your work . Consumers love brands that have personality. One way to use periscope is to give a behind the scenes look at your office culture. You could do this by letting consumers tune into a collaborative meeting, an office happy hour, maybe even a live broadcast of an intramural sports game your company is apart of. Showcasing whatever your company does that makes your office culture what it is, is a great way to humanize your brand and strengthen customer perspective and relationships.


Can you think of any other ways that companies could use Periscope to engage with consumers?


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