09 Sep 2015
by Megan Marsack

How Realtors Can Differentiate Themselves Using Testimonials

It is estimated by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials that there are approximately 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States. That’s 2 million people competing to win business from the same pool of consumers looking to buy and sell their home. In some states, like Arizona for example, the market is proven to be extremely saturated with an estimated 1 in every 168 people licensed to be a realtor. With this high quantity of real estate professionals comes a high level of competition. Realtors need to differentiate themselves to win business over their competitors.

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How Can Realtors Use Testimonials To Close Sales?

Show A Relationship Fit:

It is important with any business relationship that there is a good personality fit for it to be a successful and rewarding experience for all parties involved. This may be even more true for the real estate industry. Buying or selling a home can evoke mixed emotions for a customer, and it is important that personalities match to ensure a positive long-term experience. A relator can use testimonials as a resource to showcase why they are a good relationship fit for the person or family looking to buy or sell. Showing how you were a relatable and reliable source for other clients will help you begin to build rapport and trust with potential new customers.

Show Results:

The real estate market is extremely competitive. Regardless of which side of the real estate spectrum you’re on – Specializing in buying or selling a home – one of the most important aspects for a customer is going to be cost or profit. Buyers are looking for their dream home under budget. Sellers want to get the most value for their home. A realtor’s main purpose is to assist in this process, and because it is the top priority for most buyers and sellers, it’s important for you to be able to show your past results. By using testimonials to show the value other customers experienced with your services it will set you apart from the competition. Other important results to show are timeline and wish list match. Results sell and should be one of the main points you work to showcase in your customer testimonials.

Eliminate Customer Doubts:

It’s inevitable that a sense of doubt comes with buying or selling a home. This process is one of the most stressful and time consuming experiences that one goes through in their lifetime. It also may be one of the largest purchases a person ever makes. There are a ton of really important details that need to be worked through that can be intimidating to your customers. You need to show your abilities, strengths, and industry knowledge through customer testimonials to ease the worries that accompany the house buying and selling journey.

Show Off Specialization & Expertise:

There are a lot of factors that go into selecting a house including location and styles of housing that appeal to different buyers and sellers. Show what you specialize in by prompting your customers to speak about their specific style, location, and experience. Are you familiar with a specific group of neighborhoods in a desirable suburb? Maybe you’re knowledgeable on the detailed history that accompanies a historic home? Do know how to find a great deal for a renter in a popular city? Showing your successes and your niche expertise can be achieved through showing off your past sales with customer testimonials. This alone could be a huge deciding factor for buyers and sellers and help you differentiate yourself by showcasing your unique skill set.

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and purchases a person will make in their lifetime. Selling a home is an equally monumental experience. Choosing the right realtor is a carful process for buyers and sellers. Realtors should use testimonials as a resources to showcase their skills and expertise and close more sales.

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