05 Oct 2015
by Kelsey Taber

How To Generate More Leads From Your Website (With Examples!)

Many companies have outstanding traffic performance on their website, but have trouble bridging the gap between traffic and new leads. Their number one struggle is figuring out how to capitalize on their high traffic and create a system that puts great leads at their fingertips. Does this struggle sound familiar? The best way to create a conversion from traffic to leads is by adding forms to multiple places on your website. Forms are a strategic way to collect leads by creating a barrier to your valuable content or next steps that require contact information in order for the user to continue.

Place Forms Here To Generate New Leads:


An ebook is a content resource that can be downloaded. These are typically in a long-tail format. The key to an ebook is giving an in depth analysis of specific information that would appeal to your target audience. Ebooks shouldn’t be promotional, they should instead be helpful. Collecting the contact information of leads that are interested in specific ebook topics can help you further target those qualified leads with similar content and discussion.


This ebook, ironically created about ebooks, by Jonathan Kranz at Ciano Design is a great example of the type of content that should be written in this type of marketing material. This ebook is educational, helpful to this company’s target audience, and something that can be downloaded. By placing a form in front of it they’re collecting the information of qualified leads in the marketing industry that they may be able to help with their design services.
The Ebook Ebook


Guides are similar to ebooks in that they convey information that is useful to your target audience. Guides are typically more short tailed and have an end result in mind.  Guides can be formatted as a list, steps, or an infographic. Placing a form as a barrier of access to your guide allows your company to collect the contact information of members of your target audience interested in this tailored content.


This guide of 100 content marketing examples by Content Marketing Institute is a straight forward example of how to target marketers interested in learning more about content marketing. Again, by placing a form prior to this guide, Content Marketing Institute is able to find qualified marketers who they can delight with their relevant content.

100 Content Marketing Examples Guide

 White Papers

Your company can utilize white papers to convey findings to studies, and other formal information that you want to provide your target audience. They have a similar end goal as a guide or ebook, and should show useful information, not promotional. When a form is placed in front of your company’s white papers you’re able to target another sector of your target audience that this content appeals to.


This white paper created by Hubspot allows them to collect contact information of businesses who could potentially be dealing with this pain point, and target them with meaningful solutions with their services.

Hubspot Whitepaper Example


You can use a webinar to create an exclusive meeting place for high quality leads. These are to share useful information in a more interactive way. Typically a webinar is set up as a live presentation that users can virtually tune into from all over the world. Webinars are interactive and open a conversation that allows all parties to get a deeper understanding of the topic. Once completed, it can be used as a content marketing tool to help your business continue to find qualified leads.


Web Ascender’s Internet Marketing department held a webinar to teach users about inbound marketing. Once completed they posted the webinar as a resource that could be accessed time and time again. Having a form as a barrier to access the webinar is a great way for Web Ascender to find qualified leads that are interested in inbound marketing for their business, and ultimately find a great match for their internet marketing services.


Web Ascender Free Webinar

Contact Forms

Contact forms are a great way to streamline lead information. Instead of just listing your contact information, have a form available that allows consumers to leave a message for you right on your website. Not only does this create a more seamless user experience for your customers, it also leads you to a segmented group of qualified leads who are interested in more information about your company.


Travel experience website Combadi is a great example of a contact form that is set up to capture leads. It’s concise, only collects necessary information, and is accompanied by company contact information to create an excellent user experience.


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.08.06 PM

Demo Requests

If your company sells a product or performs a service that offers a demo, this is a great opportunity to connect with highly qualified leads. Chances are consumers who are requesting a demo are further through the buying process and in the purchase decision phase. By collecting contact information of those interested in a demo, you can work to provide them that service quickly, and also continue to market to them in a more unique way than general leads.


The marketing system Percolate does a great job of collecting qualified demo leads with the concise demo request form they provide on their website. They use two sentences to describe what the demo will achieve and what the next steps are, and collect minimal, yet crucial lead information with their form.


Percolate Demo Request Form

Quote Requests

If your company creates unique quotes depending on business needs, creating a contact form to request this information is a great way to group together your highest quality leads. These leads are ready to take the next step and are therefore most likely more receptive to provide more detailed form information. Use quote requests as a means to funnel your leads into different categories that make sense to your business.


The digital agency Humaan has a unique and user friendly quote request form that gives users the opportunity to provide them with the necessary information to make their pricing conversation a breeze. This is a partial glimpse at the form, but it goes on to collect an estimated budget, time frame, more details about the project, and potential files that could help the agency move quickly in providing a quote. 

Humaan Request a quote form example


In order to start collecting qualified leads, you need to begin to place forms in front of your current resources and request pages. If you don’t have any additional content to create a barrier to, it’s simple to get started! Follow some of the resources above to start creating content like ebooks, guides, white papers, and webinars. Building your content library with educational and quality information that appeals to your target audience is your ticket toward bridging the gap between high traffic and increasing your number of leads.

Where are other places your company has placed forms to collect the contact information of qualified leads?


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