24 Sep 2015
by Kelsey Taber

How To Include Customers In Your Social Media Strategy

Why does your company maintain social media pages? To increase brand awareness, be an influencer in your industry, and share content, right? While all of these things are true, it’s important to remember that engaging your target audience is your main goal. When creating and sharing content on social media it can often feel like you’re throwing content out into the universe. By including your customer base in the conversation, it can start to feel more like a two way street. How can companies work to include their customers in their social media strategy? It’s simple!

Social Media Management

Industry Leaders Are Your Allies

Build your brand’s credibility by associating with leaders in your industry. Yes, it’s important to create and share your own content, but if you see an article that would appeal to your customer base, share it with them. The more you delight your customers, the more they will come to you in search of good content and answers to their questions. It’s all about maintaining a healthy balance of sharing your great content, and showing off a taste of something a little different.

Follow & Engage Your Customers’ Social Pages

You need to build your audience on social media by adding followers, fans, and friends. A great place to start is with your current customer base. Take the time to engage with your customers’ personal and business profiles. This will help you connect and target the right group of people by starting with your customers as a base group. Once you’ve taken the time to connect with your customers, chances are you’ll begin to recognize qualified leads in their network. After you spend time building your following, the next step is to engage with them. Share their content, retweet relevant posts, comment on their posts. Engaging on your customers’ pages will in turn open the conversation and increase engagement on your pages.

Let Them Know You’re Human

Once you’ve taken the time to build your customer following on social media and engage with them, chances are you’ll begin to receive engagement at a higher rate on your pages. Taking the time to reply to comments, retweets, shares, and likes will help your brand have more of a human feel. Even if your response is only something small, perhaps a “Favorite” on the post they “Retweeted”, this will let your customers know that you encourage their engagement and are listening. Customers want to feel like they are engaging with real people, not marketing robots, and this will help you make your brand more human.

Put Your Customers In The Spotlight With Case Studies & Testimonials

Give your customers a shout out on your social media page by featuring them in your posts. Is there a customer who is using your platform in a unique way? Has a customer been the longest standing customer at your company? Or has a company used your service and completely increased their ROI? Gather that information and show it off. Not only does this work wonders at harnessing your company’s social proof, it also gives your customers equally as desirable exposure.

Ask Questions To Start A Conversation

Instead of constantly posting statements, switch things up with an open ended question. This will open up the conversation and give your customers and followers a chance to give you their feedback. Asking questions on social media is a great way to get meaningful feedback on a company change, A/B Test a new marketing strategy, or just answer a question you’re interested in learning a different perspective on.

Keeping a focus when maintaining your social media pages may seem hard to do. Many companies get sucked into the bigger picture of social media, and forget to stay true to their roots – Their current, loyal customers. When you work to include customers in your social media strategy, your social media pages become a lot more useful and engaging. How has your company worked to include customers in your social media strategy?


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