How To Leave A Lasting Impression With Your Homepage

55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website. Your website’s home page may be the single most important factor when it comes to building a strong brand presence online. Think of your homepage as a resume for your business. It should convey the most important details and leave users with a strong understanding about what you do, how you do it, and why it matters.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when formatting your homepage.

Leave a lasting impression with your homepage by:

Cutting out the clutter

You should aim to keep the content on your homepage to the bare minimum. Write down what information you’d like to be conveyed, cut it down, and cut it down some more until its the most simplified, and concise it can be. Your homepage content should include a compelling headline and subhead that summarizes what your company does and why it matters. Other content on the page should include anything that is important to the consumer in understanding your company. Keeping a minimalistic design helps to keep users engaged, and removes any confusion.

Big Cartel Clean Homepage Design

Adding social proof

You should portray credibility on your home page by including client testimonials, links to case studies, and recognizable brand logos. Having a taste of your strongest social proof will allow you to leave a trustworthy impression on your website visitors. Instead of just telling users why your company is the best with content on your home page, this helps show them. Social proof content that gives users a sense of belonging, helps answer lingering questions, and gives your brand undeniable credibility placed strategically on your homepage will help you increase conversions and keep users engaged.

Kissmetrics Homepage Social Proof

Creating a clear navigation

Your homepage is the control center of your website and determines whether users will continue to surf through to find information. One key element that makes or breaks a homepage is it’s navigation. You need to ensure that users aren’t guessing where to go next, but can clearly find what they’re looking for just from looking at your navigation. Figure out the best next steps that a user would take from your homepage, and make them easy to find with clear call to actions. For example if your company offers a demo, free quote, or free trial, make that information clearly visible on your homepage.

Skype Homepage Navigation

Adding engaging videos and images

Consumers are not only becoming more visual, but now they expect quality visuals over text when looking up a company. A study conducted by Production Craft found that 80% of online visitors will watch a video in its entirety, while only 20% will read content all the way through. This means that consumers want you to make their experience as easy as possible. Adding a short, educational video to your homepage, in place of long-tail copy about your business, can work to keep users on your site engaged longer and help to lower your bounce rate. In addition to video content, images can help with this too. A study conducted by Basecamp showed a 102.5% increase in conversions by simply adding a photo of a person to their landing page.

Basecamp Photo Conversion Test

Making it responsive

In a multi-device society you’ve completely missed the mark if you are not practicing responsive design with your website. Having a responsive website is imperative in creating a seamless user experience for your consumers. 34% of smartphone users go online mostly using their phones, and not on a desktop, laptop, or other device. This means that your homepage should be compatible with all device forms including small mobile screens.

Responsive Field Day Responsive Website Design

Main takeaway:

Your homepage needs to be impactful in order to leave a lasting impression on users. Creating a straight forward, clean, credible, and responsive design can help your company increase conversions and decrease your bounce rate.

What changes has your company made to its homepage that have had positive effects on conversions?

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