The Key Role of Brand Advocates in Business Growth

brand advocates

A brand advocate is someone that speaks highly of a person, product, event, organization, etc., without being paid or compensated for it. They have a natural inclination or excitement for that thing and readily share that with groups of other people, having a tremendous, overall positive affect on that brand. Essentially, brand advocates are the underpaid and underutilized cheerleaders of the professional world, and there are four key reasons why you should invest in building up and supporting your own brand advocates.

Humanize Your Brand

In a culture where millions of competing messages are being thrown at us every second, getting your message across just isn’t as easy as it used to be. People have become desensitized to traditional marketing messages and mediums and are repelled by a lack of sincerity.

Brand advocates transcend this communication gap and humanize a brand. People not only like doing business with people (real, genuine people), but they are also more apt to invest in someone or something with overall likeability. Brand advocates are key to building relationships with potential customers and establish an overall genuine, pleasant persona for your brand.

Influence Prospects – Herd Mentality

People tend to respect and believe what other people say, especially those that are most like them and are not financially tied to a particular brand or organization. And because of that people often naturally gravitate towards copying or mimicking that person’s attitudes and actions. It’s called the herd mentality – when people are influenced by what they see others doing, pertaining to behaviors, trends and purchases.

Brand advocates can not only help you gain a positive, favorable image but their influence can be so strong that it directly influences your bottom line – sales, donations, subscribers, or whatever your goal is.

Customer Retention

Apart from the influence that brand advocates have on other people, there is a much more obvious and powerful reason to invest in brand advocates. That’s simply for the benefit of overall customer retention. When it requires five more times to acquire new customers than it does to keep them, brand advocates can be the lifeblood of your organization. Whether you provide products, services or information, this distinguished group of people has the power to either take your organization to the next level or turn you into just a “good idea”.

Whether you already have a solid group of fanatics or haven’t quite considered investing into brand advocates, they can be the key to increasing brand awareness, influencing other qualified prospects and taking your organization to a whole, new level. Consider putting a system in place to support, encourage, and reward those that are the mouthpieces of your brand. Trust me – you won’t regret it.

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