16 Apr 2014
by Stephanie Sundheimer

How to Launch a User-Generated Video Campaign

Getting started with user-generated video

Two of the biggest trends on the internet today are social and video. Not to mention the fact that user-generated content is huge right now. So when it comes to marketing your business, what better way to attract an audience and engage them than by combining it all with a user-generated video campaign. User-generated video campaigns can take many shapes and sizes. They can be community-related, revolve around a product or help you collect testimonials for your business. Regardless of the type of campaign you are running, the goal is likely to get your audience involved and engaged with your brand. In this post, we’ll be covering where to start with a user-generated video campaign, how to plan and strategize before launching your campaign, and what to do once your campaign comes to its conclusion.

User-generated video campaigns

Making a plan for your campaign

The first step to launching a user-generated video campaign is determining why you are doing it and what you are trying to accomplish. You will need to identify your audience, whether or not they need to meet certain criteria in order to participate, and determine the type of video you want them to shoot. Once you have these details ironed out, you will need to create some marketing materials and determine how you are going to spread the word about your campaign. You may decide to rely solely on social media or you might promote your campaign to your email list.

Collecting user-generated videos

In addition to making a plan and setting your goals, you also need to figure out the logistics of how you will collect the videos, where they will be submitted, how they will be hosted, and whether or not you will need an approval process. There are a few different options for collecting videos, but it is typically easiest to setup your campaign with some type of user-generated video collection and hosting platform, such as Boast. Using Boast for your user-generated video campaign makes it easy for users to submit their videos using an embeddable submission form on your website or the Boast mobile app. Boast also simplifies the approval process by notifying you of new submissions and automatically displaying them on your website upon approval.

Finishing out your campaign

Depending on the type of user-generated video campaign you are running, you may need to conduct judging of the submissions you receive or pick a random winner and notify him or her of their prize. You will also want to reflect on your campaign as a whole and its value to your business to determine where you can improve the next time around. Finally, now that you have collected all of your user-generated videos, get creative with using them to market your business. Video is among the most engaging of content types, so make the most of it by showcasing it on your website, sharing it via social media and distributing it through email marketing campaigns.

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