Where to Look to Find Insights On Customer Behavior

Knowing when, where and how to influence your customers with marketing content is all based on research. But it can be difficult to know exactly where to look. There are a few different ways to approach your customer behavior research. First you need to identify questions you have about your customers, and gaps in your customer insights. Then you can use a multitude of tools to fill in the gaps and help you create more useful marketing content.

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Here are 4 places to find insights on customer behavior:

Google Analytics

Using google analytics can be overwhelming at first. Although it takes some time to get the hang of, it is filled with customer behavior insights. There are a few areas within google analytics that you should narrow in on to collect your customer information. One place is the demographics area under the audience section to see who is primarily visiting your website based on age and gender. Next you should hone in on the site content your visitors are interacting with. To find this you will select the behavior section, click on site content to reveal your options and then select all pages. This will show you which of your website pages and content are performing well. Finally you can use the events tab to reveal some insights on form submissions like what pages are effective at influencing your customer to fill out a form, and which forms are preforming the best.

Email Marketing Engagement

Another great place to find insights on your customers’ behavior is by analyzing your email marketing statistics. The best way to build this information is to set up a marketing automation strategy using a software for email, like mailchimp. This type of software allows you to create segmented lists of customers that you can then email out your marketing content to. Analyzing the open rate, clicks and overall health of your email list will help you get some insights into customer behavior. Take a look at what content your customers primarily click on in your emails and make changes to what you send out accordingly.

Social Media Interaction

Creating a social media strategy that influences your unique customers takes a lot of trial and error. To find insights on your customers behavior on social media pay close attention to post impressions and engagement through comments, likes and shares. The type of content that consumers are influenced by has rapidly evolved over the past couple of years, so keep that in mind when you look to your posts for research. You can also look at the social media pages of industry leaders to get customer behavior insights on a larger scale.

Buyer Persona Research

Taking time to segment your customers into different buyer persona groups will allow you to do more general research that still has a huge impact. Once you’ve created your buyer personas, look up information to help you associate characteristics and behavior with each of your customer groups. You can use the questions you laid out in the beginning of the post to get started. Once completed, you will have an overview of your customer groups and how they act, allowing you to be more precise with your marketing content strategy.

Getting creative with how you think about your customers’ behavior will help you take the guessing out of your marketing content. You can now target your customers better because you’ve taken the time to understand how they think, where they’re visiting and the types of content that they like best. What kind of research have you done to get a better understanding of your customers? Comment below!

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