How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

kioskAttending trade shows is the perfect opportunity to market your brand or products and showcase them to potential new customers. The purpose of trade shows is usually to generate leads and increase sales, but it really should be more about creating relationships with potential customers and providing a memorable brand experience. Because trade shows are focused around a specific industry, it is important to stand out from all of your competitors. You can stand out by having an eye-catching booth, real time social media feeds, and interactive touch screen kiosks.

Eye-Catching Booth

Trade shows require a lot of planning and investment that you don’t want to waste on low booth traffic. One way to spice up your booth to make you stand out from competitors is to have a unique and eye-catching design. Bright colors and innovative visuals can help drive traffic past your competitors’ booths to yours.

Real time Social Media Feeds

Another way to attract trade show goers to your booth is to incorporate and display a real-time social media feed within your booth. For example, a designated “hashtag” on Twitter or Instagram can allow users to Tweet or post a photo showcasing their trade show experience, ultimately engaging them with your brand.

Interactive Kiosks

Touch screen kiosks encourage interaction between consumers and your brand, and can be used in a variety of ways. Kiosks can be used to display product information or catalogs, digitally purchase products at the trade show, collect contact information, or host an interactive game.

Another cool way to use a kiosk is to incorporate Boast, a video collection app. Boast helps you collect consumer-generated videos that can be used for endless reasons. One way to use Boast’s kiosk mode is to collect photos or videos from your trade show visitors as part of a contest. This encourages consumers to interact with your brand and gives them an incentive to do so. If people hear there are cool prizes involved, you will definitely see an increase in booth traffic and brand engagement.

Trade shows are filled with a lot of different booths and brands, so it is important to stand out from your competition. Incorporating eye-catching designs, real time social media feeds and/or interactive kiosks can help drive traffic toward your booth and increase engagement with your brand.

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