18 Jun 2015
by Megan Marsack

The Role Testimonials Play in the Car Buying Process

The process of purchasing a car is tricky and time-consuming for most people. Testimonials are a way to ease the work that goes into buying a car. Trying to find the perfect car, salesman, dealership, and overall experience is challenging. It is human nature to feel more confident when committing to making difficult buying decisions after being influenced by peer reviews. Reading or watching reviews could be the first step to perfecting this process.

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The role testimonials play in the car buying process has significant value for all involved in the exchange. Proof of the many benefits a company can provide is important to strengthen the sales message and help make customers more comfortable when choosing who they would like to do business with. Testimonials are important and this list shines light on why they should be taken advantage of by car dealers and customers alike.

Monkey See Monkey Do

It is natural for people to follow the crowd, especially when it comes to expensive purchasing decisions. Buying a car is a long-term commitment and therefore requires a lot of thought and research. People are highly influenced by others opinions when they are making similar life decisions. This phenomenon called social proof, gives insight into why we are so heavily influenced by those we are socially connected with. It is smart for any salesman to have an abundance of testimonials displayed for potential customers to view. These reviews will give potential car buyers a feel for the experience that other customers have had, and help to influence them to make the leap and purchase the car.

Speeds Up The Process

No one likes a long and boring experience when buying a new car, neither the salesman nor the customer. The salesman and dealership want a quick in and out process to increase sales performance. Customers want a quick, in and out experience because ultimately they just want to bring that brand new car home! Testimonials help tremendously to make it a quick and painless process. Finding the right person and place to purchase your car from is half the battle. Testimonials do just that, cutting the search time down and bringing everyone one step closer to the ultimate goal.

Find the Right Fit for You

Some people want to buy a car from someone who is understanding, patient, and wants to hear every detail of the buyers expectation. Others want to buy from someone who tells them what’s best for them because they feel that salesmen know more about cars then they do. Finding the right personality to fit with the customer’s ideal experience is vital in having a great car buying experience. Testimonials paint a picture of how the salesman dealt with past customers and help future customers find the perfect personality fit to help fulfill the experience they are searching for.

Testimonials 2.0

Yes, text testimonials are very helpful and have been proven to help many businesses succeed. But, video testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools when trying to gain credibility and loyal customers. Text testimonials can be questionable because it can be hard to understand the tone the person is speaking in. Video testimonials give customers the chance to show first hand how happy they are with their experience, along with showing off the new beautiful car they just purchased. Video testimonials don’t lie; every viewer will get the same message.

Collect Testimonials

The car buying process doesn’t have to be a strenuous and time consuming experience. Potential customers can use testimonials to find the right salesman and dealership to speed up their search. In turn, salesmen have the opportunity to attract new customers and gain exceptional reviews from loyal ones. The strategic use of testimonials can ultimately provide a mutually beneficial experience for all parties involved.

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