17 Jun 2014
by Samantha Dunn

How to Update Your Embed Codes

The recent change from Post Kudos to Boast has been an exciting one, to say the least, and has brought about many changes. One of those changes includes updating our embed forms. Now, if you’re a Boast user, you should have recently received an email about updating these forms. Don’t start panicking! It’s pretty easy, and I’ll walk you through the steps here.

How to Update Your Testimonial Collection Widget

  1. Login to your account to view your Dashboard.
  2. Select Collect Testimonials from the left side navigation.
  3. From the “Change Campaign” dropdown menu, select the campaign that you are currently using to display your testimonials.  Then copy the generated embed code in the box below.Boast Dashboard
  4. Now you need to access and edit the actual page on your website where you originally added the embed code or contact your Webmaster to make the following change.
  5. Switch to view the page in “HTML” or “Text” format to edit the HTML code. Locate the code that starts within  <iframe src= and ends with </a>.  Quick tip: Search for “iframe” to locate the code easily.
    Boast Code Snippet
  6. Replace the entire block of code starting with <iframe src= through </a> and replace it with the new code that you copied in Step 3.
    Code Snippet After
  7. Save the web page, and you’re done!

How to Update Your Testimonial Display Widget

  1. Go to your Boast Dashboard again and select Display Testimonials from the left side navigation.Display Testimonials
  2. Select the appropriate campaign that you’ll be updating.
  3. Copy the generated code and add the code to the “text” or “HTML” editor of the page, similar to Step 5 and 6 from above. This may be a step that you need assistance from your Webmaster as well.
  4. Save it!

That’s all there is to it. If you need help updating your embed code, you can contact your Webmaster or we can help to answer any other questions you have!

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