Video Testimonials: The Key to a Memorable LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become a vital part to not only maintaining a professional presence in our online world, but it has also become an avenue to expand your network and connect with old and new clients. LinkedIn’s unique, résumé-like interface offers a way to show off your skills, expertise, successes, projects and much more. However, you are mostly limited to the sections of information (summary, job descriptions, skills, etc.) that LinkedIn provides every user.

Until now.

With more than 77% of people taking the time to read product and service reviews before they make a purchasing decision, video testimonials can be a highly effective means to capture new leads. Here are some great ways to show off your video testimonials from customers, employers and colleagues to help you create the most memorable and effective LinkedIn profile.

Differentiate Your LinkedIn Profile With Video Testimonials

Yes, LinkedIn does give you the opportunity to collect written testimonials from fellow LinkedIn users that include their profile picture and text. What it doesn’t allow you to do is customize those by adding engaging video. However, we’ve found some cool ways around that which will have people emulating your unique LinkedIn presence.

After you’ve collected video testimonials on your services, skills or projects, you can utilize them on various places such as your YouTube channel, Facebook page and now your LinkedIn profile. These videos will not only serve as a testimony of your great products and services, but it can also function as a lead generator for future clients.

Display Video Testimonials under a LinkedIn Job Description

There are a couple ways that you can easily add video testimonials to your LinkedIn profile, one of which is under specific job descriptions. Displaying them in this way allows you to pair specific positions or jobs with video testimonials from clients, coworkers, superiors, etc. that are related to that position.

The key to easily adding these testimonials to your LinkedIn profile is to integrate your Boast account with your YouTube channel first. Once you’ve done that, you’ll use your YouTube video urls to add your video testimonial under your job description. Here’s how:

1. Locate a job description that you want to add a related video testimonial to and select Edit next to the job title.
Once edit mode hit Add a link.
linkedin upload

2. Paste the YouTube video link. It will eventually load a snapshot of your video.
3. Now you can give it a title (i.e. the name of the person and their company) and a description (i.e. their testimonial in quotes).
linkedin video description

4. Then hit Add to profile.

If people click on that thumbnail, they will see a pop-up with the complete video and description.

linkedin video example linkedin video sample

Display Video Testimonials Within a LinkedIn Profile Summary

Another way that you can show off your video testimonials on your LinkedIn profile is by creating a new category under your Summary section. You cannot change the title “Summary” currently, but you can easily add an additional Client Testimonials title underneath.

1. Hit Edit next to your summary section and type in “Client Testimonials”.

2. Next, select Add a link, and paste the link from your YouTube video page.

linkedin upload

3. Once again, you can enter a Title and a description, and hit Save.

linkedin video testimonial

Your video will apear with a thumbnail image and the title that you specified (the name in this case). You can continue to add additional videos to create a portfolio of video testimonials on your LinkedIn profile.

That’s all there is to it!

Making an impact on LinkedIn takes more than just a well-written job description. With more 3 billion people on the network, it’s important to set yourself apart in unique, memorable ways. Adding video testimonials to your LinkedIn profile might just be the one thing you need to make an impact on your next, big customer!

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