23 Jun 2015
by Kelsey Taber

Why Contractors Close More Sales With Testimonials

Home Renovation

Consumers looking to complete a major, home renovation spend hours of time researching contractors before making hiring decisions. This research is pulled from a multitude of different channels, and the testimonials that they come across during their search process have a major impact on their decisions. The size and price tags of these projects bring to light a list of worries for consumers, and testimonials from happy customers can work magic at easing them.

Contractor testimonials address the following consumer worries:


Consumers are dropping a big chunk of change on your services. You want to make sure you are perceived in a professional manner. As a business, it’s likely that you have a set business model that you follow with each new project. Whether that be a check-list or various phases, consumers want to see that you have a plan on how to reach their end goal. Having past clients address how detailed, easy, and professional the process was working with you in their testimonial makes the idea of spending money with you more tangible for potential clients. More consumers are turning to trusted social platforms, like linkedIn for example, to find company information and reviews. Showcasing your customer testimonials on a professional platform will help you gain credibility.

Communication – A Good Relationship Fit.

Once the renovation begins, it’s likely that you, along with your crew will be in and out of your client’s house for weeks or even months. That is a long time, and it can be scary for clients to think about their lives being disrupted. The key to making the process less uncomfortable is good communication. The customer wants to know that you will be a good relationship fit. This is also extremely important for when something inevitably doesn’t go as planned. Renovations are a major process, and it’s hard to predict exactly how they will go. Showing through testimonials that you are able to keep an open line of communication from the start will help ease this worry.


A major renovation disrupts the routine of the client’s life and there’s really no way around that. Consumers want to know that by hiring you, you are able to set a reasonable timeline for the project, and more importantly stick to it. Renovations can turn into nightmares if loose timelines are set, and you can bet that a majority of consumers have heard their fair share of horror stories from family or friends.  Having previous clients mention in their testimonials the quick or timely experience they had will help you shine over your competitors.

Quality of Work

Social media sites like Pinterest or a simple internet search allow consumers to plan their dream home in seconds. These sites set a new level of standards that consumers have in mind when planning a renovation. The customer wants to know that you are capable of completing their project and more importantly completing it well. Using video testimonials as a resource to show past clients raving about their completed project, and as an added bonus actually showing the completed space, will help you gain credibility. Once the prospective client sees the beautiful work that you can produce they will be hooked.

Home Renovation Blueprint

Main Takeaway:

Winning business as a contractor can be very competitive. Consumers are more likely to weigh in the feedback and experiences of other people when making decisions about who they hire for their next major renovation. Contractors can use testimonials to their advantage to ease the worries of their potential clients and continue to shine over their competitors.

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