14 Sep 2015
by Kelsey Taber

Why People May Not Be Filling Out Your Website Forms

Are your website forms averaging little to no traffic per week? You’re working diligently to market them correctly to your target audience, but you’re still having no luck generating leads? This may be a warning sign that something else is going on. Trust needs to be established between you and your website users in order to get the form traffic you’re looking for. How do you build trust with potential customers? It’s all about what you do to increase your company’s credibility. There are a few different ways that companies can work to increase credibility on their site with the help of their customers and useful content marketing.

Changes That Will Increase Traffic To Your Website Forms:

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Add Social Proof

If you haven’t taken the time to collect and display social proof, this should be your first step toward showcasing your brand’s credibility. Collecting a high quantity and quality of testimonials and case studies is a great way for your company to let your customers do the talking for you. In a recent study conducted by Moz, it found that over 80% of consumers documented reading customer reviews as a way to get more information about a company or product. Of this group, 85% of respondents also noted that these customer reviews had a positive influence on their buying decisions. With such a large quantity of consumers looking to their peers to confirm brand credibility, it’s imperative to show off social proof on your website. Taking this first step will, in turn help increase users who take the next step and fill out your website forms in search of more information.

Generate Useful Content

Inbound marketing is the idea of sharing and creating content that appeals to your target audience in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Creating useful content either through blogging, tutorial videos, e-books, webinars, Infographics, social media, and really any other content format that makes sense to your brand, allows your company to become a trusted resource. It also helps you become a leader in your industry. Your company should devout at least 10 to 15 hours a week toward content marketing in order to create the credibility you desire.

Showcase Benefits Over Features

Another way to build your credibility is to always show the benefits over the features of your product or service. It’s great to be clear about what you have to offer, but customers will find more value in knowing from the start how that fits into their situation specifically. Showcase the benefits your product or service has provided by informing users with hard numbers and statistics through case studies, infographics, and reports. You should also work to cater the benefits of your product or service to each of your customers specifically. You can provide this by having a demo or consultation readily available that will give you the opportunity to bridge the information gap between your customers and your product or service, and enlighten potential customers how you fit into their business model.

Provide Free Trials & Samples

Many potential customers are hesitant to fill out forms on your website in fear of a hidden contract or charge. Providing free trials of your product or service is a way to squash that fear. Allowing potential customers to try your product or service free of charge gives them the opportunity to see if you product or service is companible with their company. Not only is it important to offer free trials and samples to increase brand credibility, it is equally important that the language you use on your website to make this free offer is crystal clear.

Making these four changes on your website will help your company increase online credibility. Once you’ve proven yourself as a trusted source, and an industry leader, you’ll be well on your way to increasing traffic to your forms, and in turn generating new leads. What changes has your company made to it’s website in the past that has generated a positive influx in your traffic?

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