Video marketing has exploded in popularity and effectiveness over the last few years. With consumers being influenced by a massive influx of content, video content can be much more effective at breaking through the clutter. In 2017 you can expect the exponential growth of video content to continue. To stay ahead of the competition you need to be up to date with the 2017 video marketing trends to expect.

Here are the 2017 Video Marketing Trends to prepare for:

1. Multiple Device Video Consumption

The likelihood for consumers to have multiple devices is growing. Because of this you can expect that in 2017 cross-device video consumption will increase. Consumers are more likely to seek out videos from multiple different social media channels and websites. On top of that you can expect consumers to be watching video content from a traditional format, while also watching content from a modern format like a phone or tablet at the same time. To stay on top of this trend, you can no longer post your video content to only one area and hope it will take off. Posting your video content to a format, like Youtube, and then sharing it throughout your social media sites and on your website will allow you to reach the optimal amount of consumers. You should also consider posting video content at strategic times to align with popular television shows that your target audience tunes into, because chances are they’ll be surfing on the web while watching television too.

2. Increase in Live Video Streaming

Live streaming has become increasingly popular. First, there were live streaming apps, like Periscope and Meerkat that allowed companies and individuals to stream video in the moment. Then Facebook adopted the trend by launching Facebook live and it has become a readily used tool by Facebook users. Brands should keep up with this 2017 video marketing trend by creating a live video streaming schedule. Live video is popular with consumers because it’s much more authentic and in the moment than edited video content.

3. Social Media Video Content to Replace Text Content

Text posts are no longer effective at reaching your audience because of how cluttered social media has become. What’s working better than ever are short and impactful pieces of video content. An added trend that you’ll see continue in 2017 are subtitles on social media videos to reach a broader audience. In a study conducted by Doubleshot, they found that 85% of Facebook videos were watched without sound. Because of this consumers need to be creative in 2017 with how to create the most impactful social media video content.

4. Video Storytelling

Another 2017 video marketing trend to expect is an emphasis on video storytelling. Consumers are influenced by relatable content that evokes an emotion, and storytelling is the perfect way to produce that. Creating customer video testimonials and case studies, and honing in on user generated content will allow you to produce quality storytelling video content in 2017.

5. Increase in Youtube Video Consumption

Youtube video consumption is also expected to increase in 2017. With youtube subscribers growing, and youtube personalities on the rise, consumers are turning to youtube for consistency. Many youtube subscribers follow youtube stars and are highly engaged with their content. A study by Think with Google found that 50% of 18 to 34 year old Youtube subscribers reported they would drop what they were doing to watch a new video by their favorite creator. Because of this it’s important to use Youtube as a hub for your video content, and keep your posts consistent to attract this audience in 2017.

6. Video Email Marketing

In past years video email marketing hasn’t been as readily available, however you can expect email and video to merge in 2017. Now, video in email marketing will allow you to keep your email content even more concise, and help you get your audience more engaged with your brand. In a study conducted by Animoto, they found that consumers are nearly 50% more likely to read email newsletters that include links to video content. Switching your email marketing to have a focus on video will help you increase your open and click through rates in 2017.

7. Highly targeted video content

Another 2017 video marketing trend to expect is highly targeted video content. With a huge influx in video data, platforms are becoming much more advanced at targeting a specific audience. Because of this consumers will now expect the content they view to be relatable, and will quickly lose interest if it doesn’t fit the bill. To keep up with this trend in 2017, spend time creating highly targeted content that targets unique sub-groups of your overall target audience. This will be more effective in the long run at helping you increase video marketing conversions.

It’s no surprise that video will continue to grow in 2017. To get ahead of the competition you should be prepared with the 2017 video marketing trends. Taking the time to create video content for your brand is no longer an option, but a necessity. What video trends do you expect to see in 2017?

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