When planning a video testimonial campaign there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure it’s successful. Just launching your campaign without putting in the effort to engage with your customers for content will set you up for failure. Creating the submission form content and deciding where to place it on your website and social media pages is only part of your campaign. The second and more important piece to your campaign is promotion. You want to make sure that your video testimonial campaign is easy to find, understand and participate in.

Here are 3 reasons video testimonial campaigns fail:

1. There’s not enough campaign promotion

The first reason that many video testimonial campaigns fail is because there is not enough marketing surrounding the campaign. Most customers are going to have to learn about the details of your campaign a couple of times before deciding to commit to leaving their own testimonial. Take time to create a full marketing campaign strategy around your testimonial campaign just like you would with any other piece of marketing content. Promote your campaign through CTAs on your website, targeted email marketing campaigns and on social media.

2. Your campaign lacks customer guidance

Another reason your video testimonial campaign might fail is because you don’t give your customers enough guidance. For some customers recording a video of themselves is unfamiliar territory, so without some talking points and general instructions they may feel intimidated. Providing them with ample instructions and some examples of video testimonials other customers have left will help them feel more confident and be more likely to leave their own submission. To get your video testimonial campaign rolling, it’s a great idea to collect a few of your testimonials in person, if doable, so that you have quality video testimonials for your customers to reference. Also write out step by step instructions and a list of questions for them to answer to guide your customer through the entire submission process so that there is no confusion.

3. There’s no incentive to submit

Finally, a third reason many testimonial campaigns fail is that there is no incentive for your customers to submit. Unless you run a business that requires a lot of face to face interactions, its going to be hard to influence your customer base to submit a testimonial without some sort of incentive. Maybe you offer a coupon for submitting their feedback, maybe they’re entered into a contest to win a large prize. Whatever your incentive is, align it with your submission form to make your customers pay more attention to your video testimonial campaign because something is in it for them.

Are you making any of these mistakes with your video testimonial campaign? These 3 areas could be the root cause of a slow testimonial submission rate. By re-thinking your strategy from the perspective of your customers, you’ll be sure to amp up your submissions and start to collect a robust feed of quality video testimonials.

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