Having a strong testimonial strategy is an essential piece to winning new business. Making sure you’re keeping your customers and audience top of mind during each stage of your strategy will ensure you create the most impact with your testimonials.There are a few common testimonial mistakes that many businesses make that jeopardize how effective their campaign is. Here are 4 common testimonial mistakes to avoid.

common testimonial mistakes

Avoid These 4 Common Testimonial Mistakes:

#1: Asking for a testimonial too soon

Whether you ask for a testimonial in person, or through an email marketing drip campaign, you need to make sure you’re not requesting a testimonial too soon. If the customer’s product or service has not yet been delivered or completed, it could leave them in an awkward place when they receive your testimonial request. You need to strategically plan when your testimonial requests are sent to your customers to ensure you’re asking at a perfect time. Otherwise there’s a great chance they will either leave a low quality testimonial, or ignore your request all together.

#2: Providing no guidance to your customers

Testimonials, especially video testimonials, are a tool to tell relatable customer stories. In order to make sure they are effective, you need to give your customers some guidance through questions and instructions. Simply creating a list of questions or prompts to get your customer talking will make the outcome of your testimonials exponentially better. Also providing your customers with stats and detailed information about their project or product will allow them to pull more detail into their testimonial.

#3: Posting all of your collected testimonials in one place

Having a robust feed of testimonials is important, however keeping these high quality testimonials in one place is a common mistake that many companies make. In order to make a lasting impact you need to post your customer testimonials on multiple different pages on your website, business social media pages, through email marketing, and at company events. The more places you showcase your customer’s social proof, the greater chance you have at building your brands trust and winning new business.

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#4: Forgetting to segment your testimonials

Chances are you have a variety of customer groups, that are all influenced in their own way. You market to these groups differently, so why would you show them all the exact same customer testimonials? One common mistake that many businesses make are not segmenting their testimonials by target audience. When you forget to segment your testimonials you run the risk of not effectively influencing your customer group and therefore lose out on building a relationship with them. Segmenting your customer testimonials ensures they are relevant and impactful for each of your customer groups.

Avoiding these common testimonial mistakes when planning your testimonial strategy will ensure your strategy is effective. Making a few tweaks to your strategy could have a huge impact over time. What are some testimonial mistakes you’ve learned from while planning your strategy? 


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