Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. It’s no secret why content marketing is rapidly growing as a marketing strategy. But do you know what marketing content styles are the most effective at influencing your audience? Your strategy should be based on creating quality content that appeals to your unique customer base.

Marketing content styles

Here are 4 marketing content styles that engage potential customers:

1. Social Proof Content

Using testimonials, case studies and user generated posts you can use your customer’s voice in your content. Social proof gives your company added credibility and works well at influencing potential customers to jump on board with your product or service. Taking the time to make your social proof content relatable by segmenting it by each of your buyer personas will also increase it’s effectiveness.

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2. Video Content

Before reading any text, 60% of your site visitors will watch a video if available (Diode Digital). That’s a massive content marketing opportunity. Using video to record webinars, tutorial posts and customer feedback will keep your audience engaged. Short videos throughout your website will also keep potential customers on your website longer.

3. Educational Content

Creating ebooks, guides and other tangible offers that your customers can download and reference time and time again have huge value. This type of content needs to specifically fit with your target audience’s needs and will be different for each of your buyer personas. Creating a robust feed of helpful content will help influence potential customers to perceive your company as an industry leader.

4. Exclusive Offer Content

Promoting a contest or an offer will give potential customers a purpose to interact with your content. This type of content could be anything from filling out a survey for a free t-shirt, to participating in a month long contest. Exclusive offer marketing content allows for a two way conversation, instead of just throwing content at your target audience in hopes it will influence them.

Keep in mind that the purpose of content marketing is to create a content barrier in order to increase leads. This means that you need to be producing content that entices your leads enough to make them want to hand over their contact information in exchange for your offer. Following these 4 marketing content styles, you’ll be sure to create quality and enticing content that increases leads and your customer base overall.

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