Having a separate business Facebook page is an essential part to any business’s marketing plan. This includes all business sizes, large and small. One industry that especially benefits from having a quality business Facebook page is the real estate industry. Creating a strategically laid out real estate business Facebook page will help you increase leads and win new business.
Real estate business Facebook page cover photo

Here are 5 Key Elements of a Real Estate Business Facebook Page:

#1: Compelling Profile Picture & Cover Photo

Make sure the images you use in your profile picture and cover photo spaces are eye catching. For your profile picture make sure you use a photo of yourself. When a customer is searching through Facebook to do more research on your services, they will be expecting to see your recognizable face in the image. It is also a smart idea to add some branding to your profile picture, whether that be through adding it to the image, or choosing a photo that has your branding in it. Next, your cover photo is a massive space so it’s important to use it to your advantage. Choose an image that has your team in it, an image with one of your recently sold properties, or a branded image with a current home you have on the market. You could even create a cover photo that includes all 3 of these images. These two spaces are what leave a first impression on your visitors, so use them wisely!

#2: Update Your Information Section

You need to focus on using the information portions of your real estate business Facebook page to your advantage. Many leads will fall on this page initially so you need to make sure your contact information and more information about your services are easy to locate and understand. Use the description areas to talk about your experience and expertise. You should also use this section to cross link over to your other business social media pages and your website.

#3: Add a Testimonial Tab

One of the most important elements to your business’ Facebook page is creating a place to house your real estate testimonials. Add a testimonial tab to the main navigation on your Facebook page so that you can house all of your powerful social proof. Potential customers will be more influenced by what your past customers have to say than by what you have to say.

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#4: Post Helpful Content

Use your timeline strategically to post helpful blog posts you’ve written, top industry content, and your listings. Potential customers are coming to your Facebook page for research so having this type of content readily available will help them make quicker decisions. Your customers are also very visual and it’s a huge advantage to post images and slideshow tours of your listings. This will leave buyers visiting your page time and time again.

#5: Launch Boosted Posts & Facebook Ads

In order to reach a larger audience on Facebook, you should boost your posts and create compelling Facebook ads. You can easily turn the helpful content you post into boosted posts by clicking “Boost Post” below the published content. You can also repurpose your video testimonial content to be Facebook ads by following the steps provided in your business Facebook page dashboard. This element to your real estate business Facebook page is essential to bringing potential buyers to your page who wouldn’t have found you otherwise.

By focussing on enhancing these 5 elements of your real estate business Facebook page you can ensure that your social media strategy is effective at helping you win new business. What are some other elements of a business Facebook page that you focus on?


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