Marketing effectively to your target audience is all about trial and failure. With the multitude of marketing channels and tactics for your company to try, being data driven is important. One way to ensure you can be confident in your marketing strategy is to run an A/B test for each of your marketing tactics. An A/B test, also referred to as a split test, is the idea of creating two different prototypes of a marketing campaign and analyzing which receives the most positive response from your target audience. The result is that you will receive cold hard evidence, and numbers to back up your marketing decisions which will help you continually evolve your marketing strategy.

A/B Testing

5 Benefits of A/B Testing Your Marketing Tactics:

1. Define Your Goals

Running an A/B test can help your company refocus and define your future goals. It gives you the ability to put numbers behind your long-term decisions and gives you added confidence to move forward with a strategy. A/B testing gives you a foundation to base all of your goals off of and puts you a step in the right direction.

2. Think Like Your Customers

At the core, companies are always looking to grow by appealing to their customers. A/B testing gives your company the ability to think like its customers by secretly putting them to work. Virtually any aspect of your marketing, website, or advertising efforts can be A/B tested by your customer base. Taking the time to step into your customers’ shoes will allow your company to make more educated decisions on what they should continue to do, what they should stop doing all together, and changes that they need to make to be effective.

3. No Longer A Guessing Game

At times companies make educated decisions for their marketing efforts without much personalized evidence to back up what they’re doing. Yes, it’s important to look at the bigger picture of what is working in your industry or for your competitors, but your customer base is unique and therefore may respond differently to marketing than your competitors customers. Instead of guessing and hoping for the best, running an A/B test will allow you to collect data and find nuances that you didn’t think of for your future marketing strategy.

4. Collect Usable Data

A/B testing can help you become a leader in your industry by collecting usable data about your customers’ preferences and habits. Take the findings you’ve collected and create a blog post or article about them. Even better, put the content in a shareable infographic. By sharing your data your company will gain credibility and trust as a leader in your industry and this will help you add value to your company.

5. Show Off Your Successes & Improve From Your Failures

With A/B testing it’s all about recognizing that your gut instinct isn’t always going to be right. Show off the successes your brand has by sharing the data you’ve collected, and also take what your find and learn from your mistakes. Chances are you’ve launched a new landing page, or an email newsletter in the past that has bombed and thats good! A/B testing is just as much about finding what doesn’t work as it is finding what does work.

So, how do you get started with A/B testing? It’s simple! First, pick a variable you want to test. The more specific the variable you change, the easier it will be to see a clear cut difference. Then, begin to create your competing content or visual. Some simple places to start A/B testing including an email marketing newsletter, landing pages, call to actions, customer review submission forms, or social media posts. Many different marketing tools have resources that allow you to automate an A/B test, or you can simply create one on your own by splitting your target audience in half. Once you have your competing content ready to go, post it and target half of your target audience at random with each variation. Monitor their competing effectiveness for a period of time, and wa-la, you’re on your way to collecting some useful data to use to your company’s advantage!


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