Having a competitive digital marketing presence is important for a small business. Companies with large marketing budgets can afford to try a multitude of different digital marketing tactics. Because of this, there are trends that have emerged that work for large and small businesses alike. Find out what digital marketing tips you should be following, even if you have a small budget.

Digital Marketing Tips

Here are 6 digital marketing tips to help your small business succeed:

#1 Focus on Mobile = If your business doesn’t already have a mobile friendly website, that should be your first goal to spruce up your digital marketing efforts. Being mobile friendly is essential for today’s consumers who spend the majority of their time each day using their mobile device to find information. A study conducted by eMarketer shows that the time spent connecting with digital media on mobile in the US takes up 51% of daily search time in 2015, compared to 12% in 2008. This trend of rapid growth is not slowing down either. To make sure your small business is keeping up, it’s imperative to be mobile friendly and have a mobile first mindset.

Mobile friendly digital marketing

#2 Personalization= Creating connections with your customers by personalizing your content where you can, will help increase brand loyalty. Start small with your regular email marketing efforts. Add your customer’s name to the subject lines and body content of the email. Once you’ve accomplished the smaller personalization efforts, you can start to think of ways personalization works for your business. Maybe you sell a few products. To personalize your customers experience send emails to them to recommend something you think they’ll like based on their previous purchases and search history on your site. If you are a service based business this could be a personalized email based on timeline to suggest they see you again. Making your content as genuine and personal as possible will help increase the connection between your brand and your customers.

Recommended For You Personalization Email

#3 Cross-Chanel Marketing = Using your website, Facebook, and twitter to post your marketing content is no longer enough to keep engaged with today’s society. You need to create a presence in far more places. With social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ on the rise, making sure you’re regularly maintaining pages that make sense for your business is important.

Cross Channel digital marketing tips

#4 Updated Website With Excellent UX Design= If your website is outdated, it should be your top priority to update it. Outdated website design screams untrustworthy to consumers. If your website lacks a seamless user experience, your bounce rate could skyrocket and your meaningful lead generating traffic could take a hit. Taking time to update your website to ensure that consumers have an excellent user-experience from any and all platforms they are viewing it from, will help you decrease bounce rates and increase consumer trust.

UX Design

#5 Content Creation & Optimization= Content creation is key to influencing your target audience. Taking time to really think about the kind of content that would interest your target audience will help you become more effective at obtaining quality leads. Creating blog posts, e-books, guides, and other downloadable content will help you reach customers online who may not even know your company exists yet. Optimizing this content with keywords, links, and ad campaigns will help you increase your reach even more. In order to keep up with the digital marketing gurus, putting effort toward your content quantity and quality is a must for your small business.

#6 Segment Your Target Audience = Targeting a broad audience is not an effective way to get quality leads. In order to bring in the right leads, you need to first understand and segment your ideal target audience. Create buyer personas for your 3-4 main types of customers and really think about their habits and what makes them tick. Once you’ve segmented your target audience, you can then create more specific content that focuses on each group at a time.

digital marketing tips on why to segment your target audience

Your small business can see marketing success and growth by following these 6 digital marketing tips. Taking time to focus on trying new marketing tactics will help you reach a better audience sure to generate leads for your company. What digital marketing tactics does your small business use to generate leads?

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