One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Adding video content to your marketing strategy not only keeps customers engaged on your website, but it also helps your company gain valuable credibility. Including video content on different areas of your website does takes some extra effort, but the increased ROI will prove their effectiveness over other marketing tactics.


Add these 6 essential marketing videos to your website:

1. Short Explanation Video

Website visitors who view video stay on a website on average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos. The longer a potential lead stays on your website greatly increases the likelihood of them converting into a paying customer. A short explanation video helps the viewer get a better understanding of your business and what it has to offer. This video should cover the basics about your company and include what products or services you specialize in. People are researching your company to solve a problem, and an intro video will help you inform them that you are the correct solution. A short 60-90 second video on the homepage of your website is all you need to make an initial impact with video content.

2. Product or Service Demonstration Video

Once you have successfully gained your visitors attention, the next step is to demonstrate how and why your company stands out above the competition. This gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other companies in your industry. Create demo videos about the product or service you offer to help potential customers further understand your company’s value. This video should be longer than a minute to make sure you are going more in depth on what you can personally do for potential customers.

3. Company Culture Video

Create a short video showing your company values, employee relationships, and type of work your team cultivates daily. Showing off your company’s culture helps you connect with potential customers in a unique way. This type of video allows you to set your company apart and show potential customers, and future employees exactly why working with you is the right choice. This video can be displayed on your careers page, your about page, and also on your social media accounts. Don’t be afraid to be different by showing your brand personality. This video content could be what leaves a lasting impression on potential customers by helping portray a relationship fit.

4. Customer Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are persuasive, engaging, and helps your company showcase powerful social proof. Having customers rave about your product or service on video, helps your company portray its credibility in a more impactful way. Video testimonials are an effective way to influence potential customers to commit to working with you by seeing first hand how you met a former or current client’s needs and expectations. Place video testimonials throughout your website on the pages and near the content they relate to, to help you appeal to the right target audience and make stronger connections.

5. Video Case Studies

Customer testimonials (89%) and case studies (88%) are the most effective content marketing tactics. Creating long-tail video case studies, in addition to your video testimonials, will help you get into more detail about customer experience and further convey company value. A video case study that shows your customers going into detail about the creative ways they used your product or service is a great learning experience for you and your potential customers. Place these types of videos on the product or service pages you have on your website to show valuable social proof to potential customers looking to work with you.

6. Tutorial Videos

Creating a feed of tutorial videos that help answer frequently asked questions will help your company provide more value to its customers. These types of videos are easy for your customers to follow and can be placed throughout your website, in a blog post, or sent out through your email marketing efforts. Sending out emails to your customers with educational company videos is an innovative way to keep everyone in the loop. For example, you could send a video about how to use a new feature added to your product, or explaining some creative ways that a company could use your product. These videos will engage your customers and persuade them to remain a loyal to your brand by always keeping them up to date with fresh content. This type of content will also help answer the lingering questions your potential customers may have before investing in your product or service.

Taking advantage of these different video tactics is an easy and affordable way to increase website leads, add value to your content, and help improve your company’s reputation. What type of video content has been an effective addition to your company’s marketing strategy?

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