Video content is the most valuable content you can create to influence your audience. It is believed that by 2019, 80% of content online will be video. To start creating a robust feed of video content, you need to set up a killer video marketing strategy. This strategy will allow you to discover what kind of content preforms best with your target audience, create quality video content, promote your videos effectively and capture leads with your valuable content.

Here is the Anatomy of a Killer Video Marketing Strategy:

Research, Brainstorm & Plan

The first step to creating a killer video marketing strategy is to plan a strategy that fits with your unique target audience. Look at your top preforming blog posts, website pages and frequently asked questions to gain some insights on your customers. You also should create buyer personas to get a better idea about each of your customer groups and how they are influenced. Once you have an idea about the type of content your potential customers are most engaged with, you can create the bones of your video marketing strategy. The bones will include different areas where you need to create videos, video scripts, a schedule and promotion ideas.

Video Creation

Once you know what type of content will preform best, start the video creation process. You should create a variety of videos that all have a different hand in influencing your potential customers. Different types of videos you could create include social proof videos like customer video testimonials, and more long tail case study videos. You should also create educational videos, like tutorials, how-to videos and webinars to help educate your customers with valuable content. Finally, you should create company culture videos to help bring the focus to your branding and build a connection with your audience.

Video Promotion

Once you’ve created a robust feed of videos you should focus on promoting them. Place videos strategically throughout your website to keep visitors engaged and on your site longer. You can also promote your videos as social media posts, social media ads and video ads on youtube. This will allow you to repurpose the content for paid promotion. Another great way to promote your videos is to use them in a guest blog on an industry leaders website to increase referrals to your site and promote your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Reference your buyer persona and plan from the beginning of the strategy to understand where your audience goes for information, and how you can use your videos to influence them.

Capture Leads With Your Videos

The last element to your video marketing strategy is to use your valuable content to capture leads. To do this you will need to create a barrier to your content using landing pages and forms to collect contact information. Keep in mind that certain videos that are used for helping your customers, like FAQ videos, or for branding purposes, like company culture videos, aren’t the best choice to use as lead capturing videos. Instead use the educational videos you’ve created including webinars, Tutorials and how-to video content that leads would gladly exchange their contact information to view.

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Video marketing is powerful. Creating video can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools even those who aren’t tech savvy can manage to create a killer video marketing strategy. Have you created videos for your company? What kind of videos preform best for you? Comment below!

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