HD Video for Premium and Professional Plans is here! Now you can collect video from your customers and employees at top quality. This feature is available through the web platform and the mobile app update is coming soon. Check out the main features that coincide with upgrading to HD, and find out how to start collecting HD Videos.

(Here’s a screenshot of a video collected in HD!)

Boast HD video example

Noteworthy New HD Video Stats

  1. HD videos collected through boast are now 1280 x 720p, compared to the standard definition of non-hd videos which are currently collected at 640 x 480p.
  2. The videos collected in HD are recorded at a 16 x 9, widescreen cinema-style size.
  3. The thumbnail shown on your video previews are updated during the re-encoding process to remove or reduce the black bars surrounding the video.
  4. You now have the option to choose from 4 different thumbnail grabs.

How To Upgrade To HD:

  1. Login to your Boast account.
  2. Head over to your “Boast Subscription” tab.
  3. Choose either the professional or premium plan.
  4. Enter your information to upgrade your account. – Don’t worry if you upgrade mid-month, the difference in plan balance is accounted for in our system.
  5. Once upgraded, your current videos will be re-encoded to update and improve their quality. This will also update the appearance of some of the video thumbnails.
  6. Your submission form will be updated accordingly, so there’s no need to re-embed it.

Why You Should Collect Videos in HD

Not only are high-quality videos a great addition to your website, they can also be used for a multitude of marketing purposes. Repurposing marketing content is a smart way for you to get the most out of your hard earned content. Here are a few ways the HD videos you collect with Boast can be repurposed:

  1. Use the videos as Facebook video ads.
  2. Compile them into a promotional video for your website.
  3. Use the content in a commercial spot.
  4. Create high-quality “How To” product or service videos.
  5. Compile a feed of FAQ videos.

Collecting video testimonials for your business is a great way to share social proof and convey credibility. With HD video, the content you collect doesn’t have to end there. Use campaigns to organize the various video content you collect to make Boast work best for you. What kind of videos do you plan to create for your marketing plan?


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