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Boast is an easy way to collect testimonials through your website, but we also offer easy to use mobile applications!

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Testimonials are huge when it comes to closing sales and proving your value to potential customers. Using Boast’s mobile applications for testimonial collection is the easiest way to have your customers submit praise for your business from their iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can also install the application yourself to collect testimonials from your customers next time you see them.

iPhone & iPad Application

Using the mobile application is a convenient way to submit a testimonial from your mobile device. Download the application, type in your campaign code, record your testimonial and submit it. It’s super easy and the results are great.

Run your own video booth

Using the iPad application you can easily collect video testimonials at a trade show, event or the lobby of your office. If you have your iPad setup a customer can tap a button, record their video and submit the testimonial. It’s cool! Try it out.

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Android Testimonial Application

Your customers can now download the Android version of our application to record and submit testimonials. The Android version is a little newer then the iOS version and we have been working out some things here and there but we welcome you to give it a try. The Android version does not have the kiosk, video booth features where you can run the applicaion easily at a tradeshow for others to use. If you would like to use that we recommend picking up an iPad.

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