With over 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become a platform where brands gain exposure and market precisely to their followers and target market to generate leads. Having customer testimonials on your business Facebook page can help build trust and engagement with your target audience. Luckily, Boast seamlessly integrates with Facebook, allowing you to collect and display testimonials right on your business Facebook page.

Advantages of Integrating Boast with Facebook

88% of people trust online reviews and have read them to determine the quality of the company and products or services. Whether you already have a large Facebook following or just starting out, integrating your Boast account by collecting and displaying testimonials will only benefit your business. Below are a few benefits of linking your Boast account with your business Facebook page.


Wider Reach

One benefit of integrating your Boast account with your business Facebook page is that you have a higher chance of reaching more of your target audience. Adding testimonials to your Facebook page means they are readily available across more than one platform, and if fans don’t see them on your website, they could see them on Facebook. On the other hand, the possibility that people submit a testimonial also increases. If you add the collection widget to your Facebook page, your business has a higher chance of receiving more testimonials.

Establishes Credibility for Brand and Facebook Page

Because the vast majority of consumers look to reviews before investing, having customer-generated testimonial videos showcased on your Facebook business page will help build credibility not only for you Facebook page, but your overall brand. Customer testimonials provide people with unbiased opinions, which helps generate trust with potential customers.

Videos Receive More Engagement

On Facebook, video content is shared 12x more than text and link content combined. Sharing video testimonials with your Facebook followers will catch their attention and generate more engagement than a plain text status update.

Social Media Branding

Having an established Facebook page that reflects your company is important to brand development and business growth. Linking your Boast account with Facebook can enhance your Facebook profile and create consistency between your business website and Facebook page.

facebook-integration2How Does Boast Integrate with Facebook?

Integrating your Boast account with Facebook allows you to collect and display customer testimonials right to your Facebook audience. By adding page tabs to your Facebook menu, visitors will be able to scroll through your already approved testimonials, and even add one of their own. Boast Facebook integration is customizable in the sense that you can choose the names of your page tabs and display testimonials based on the campaign, tag, testimonial rating, and more.

There are endless benefits of integrating your Boast account with your business Facebook page. The integration provides another platform where your target market can view and submit testimonials and creates consistency between your website and social media presence. Follow this step-by-step tutorial for specific instructions on how to set it up, and remember, only approved testimonials will be added to your Facebook page!

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