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93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. With Boast, it’s easy to automate requests for Yelp reviews so you can boost your online reputation and get more business.

Why Yelp reviews matter for businesses

Get Found Online

Yelp has over 130 million monthly active users, meaning there is a lot of free exposure to be gained by optimizing your presence there. Yelp reviews also show up in Google’s knowledge panel, which can help increase click-throughs to your business.

Showcase Social Proof

Before doing business with you, people want to know that others would recommend you. Yelp reviews are an opportunity to show prospective shoppers or diners that you have a proven track record and they should give your business a shot.

Get more customers

A large volume of quality Yelp reviews will give customers the confidence they need to try out your business. They will drive awareness and traffic, and ultimately help you get more customers and fuel growth.

Boast helps businesses get Yelp reviews by automating requests within your existing workflow.

Use Boast to get more Yelp reviews. Integrate with your existing tools to ask for reviews at the right time, with the right message, in the right place to get your customers to act.

Tips to get more Yelp reviews

1. Let customers know you value their input

When asking customers for Yelp reviews, thank them for their business and let them know their feedback is appreciated. This can go a long way toward encouraging them to respond to your request.

2. Make your ask at the right time

Timing matters when asking for Yelp reviews. It’s usually best to ask right after a customer has done business with you so their experience is still fresh in their mind.

3. Remove obstacles and technical hurdles

Don’t make your customers work to give you a Yelp review. The more hurdles stand in their way, the more likely they are to give up. Consider using a tool designed to request and collect reviews rather than simply asking.

4. Ask more than once

If a customer doesn’t respond to your first request, don’t get discouraged. Remind them of your request a couple of times and you’ll have more success gaining Yelp reviews.

5. Automate your requests

Remembering to ask for Yelp reviews can be difficult throughout the hussle of your day. By using software that integrates with your business processes, you can automate requests and collect more reviews.

6. Don’t fear negative reviews

The possibility of a negative review shouldn’t dissuade you from asking for feedback. Think of the rare negative review as an opportunity to improve as well as to make your business more human. A thoughtful, productive response can go a long way!

Why use Boast to get more Yelp reviews?


Easy for customers

Boast gives your customers an awesome experience when it comes to receiving a request and submitting a Yelp review, removing obstacles so you can collect more praise.


Automate requests

Ensure every customer who walks through your doors is asked for a Yelp review. Boast will automatically send requests so you can focus on running your business.


Integrate with existing processes

Embed Yelp review requests within your business processes by integrating Boast with your existing tools.


A single platform

Boast helps businesses with more than just Yelp reviews. Leverage customer surveys, video testimonials, and more.

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