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Testimonial vs Review: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

The terms “testimonial” and “review” are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are important differences between them. Knowing the differences between a testimonial vs. review and what each can be used for will help you to use your customers’ sentiments effectively. Testimonial vs Review: What’s the Difference?   Review Testimonial A short snapshot of the customer’s… Continue reading
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Customer Loyalty

What is Brand Evangelism and How Can You Inspire It?

Brand evangelism can be defined as a consumer’s dedication and enthusiasm about a brand, generally inspired by an emotional connection. Brand evangelists are your most valuable customers—they enthusiastically recommend your brand simply because they enjoy it, which is the most valuable type of free advertising. Not everyone can or will become a brand evangelist, and… Continue reading
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Customer Loyalty

What is Customer Loyalty and Why Does It Matter?

What is customer loyalty? Can the relationship between a business and its customers be well-defined? And, if it can be, is it valuable to do so? Customer loyalty can be complex, but research, as well as examples from well-known brands, can tell us what customer loyalty is, and that it matters. A high level of… Continue reading
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Online Reviews

How to Use Customer Reviews to Promote Your Business

To find out if your business is worth visiting or your products are worth buying, potential customers go first to their family and friends. However, sometimes we all have to go outside of our pool of personal recommendations. For 84% of consumers, online reviews are the next best thing. But how can you use customer… Continue reading
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Are Paid or Fake Testimonials Illegal?

Launching a product or starting a business is hard. You’ve spent time and money to make something great, but no one is paying attention. You need to get noticed, so you find yourself in a gray area, asking; Are paid or fake testimonials illegal? How illegal are they? Will I get caught? You’re certainly not… Continue reading
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Customer Feedback

9 Customer Satisfaction Best Practices For Better Surveys and Data

Knowing how your customers feel about your business can help to guide important business decisions. The only way to really know whether or not your customers are satisfied is to ask them. But how can you get responses? And how can you measure these responses accurately? These 9 customer satisfaction best practices can help you… Continue reading
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Customer Feedback

8 CSAT Questions to Improve Your Business

The Customer Satisfaction Score, or CSAT, gives businesses a measurable way to assess customer sentiment. This is a useful tool for assessing performance year over year and making sure you’re on track. CSAT can be used to assess many different things, and the right CSAT questions can give you the information you need. Here are… Continue reading
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15 Employee Testimonial Questions and Tips to Improve Recruitment Videos

No one knows more about your company culture than your employees. If your business is a great place to work and your employees are happy, employee testimonial videos are a great way to show it off. Use these 15 employee testimonial questions and tips to get great videos and improve recruitment. Employee Testimonial Questions to… Continue reading
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Help Your Customers Make a Great Testimonial Video

Testimonials from real customers lend authenticity to your brand, showcase your strengths, and help other customers learn more about your business. Studies show that approximately 84% of people trust reviews from other customers as much as friends. To make a great testimonial video, it helps to give your happy customers a bit of instruction. Here… Continue reading
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Customer Feedback

CSAT vs NPS: Which is Best?

Understanding customers’ experiences and their feelings towards your brand is essential for running a successful, forward-thinking business. However, getting these feelings into a measurable form can be difficult. Your Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) are two valuable metrics for measuring and tracking customer sentiment. Each of these can be used to… Continue reading
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Video Marketing

28 Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

Video has quickly become a contender for the most powerful type of content online. Whether you’re creating detailed how-to videos to get customers’ attention or using video testimonials to show the quality of your products or services, the video format is a useful medium. Experts predict that we’ve only seen the beginning of the power… Continue reading