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Google Review Policy: What Business Owners Can and Can’t Do to Get More Google...

Google reviews have become an important part of digital marketing, especially for local businesses. To find out if your business is worth a visit, many prospective customers turn to Google first. If you’re working on getting more Google reviews, you may be wondering what’s allowed and what isn’t. Here is everything you need to know… Continue reading
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70 Customer Feedback Questions to Improve Your Business

Is your customer service top-notch? Are your product features the best in the business? You need to ask the right customer feedback questions to find out. We’ve added 25 additional questions to give you 70 customer feedback questions to address every part of your business, from customer service to market research. Customize these questions to… Continue reading
testimonial request emails that work


9 Examples of Testimonial Request Emails That Work

You know testimonials can make a big impact on influencing prospects to do business with you. But knowing how to ask for a testimonial isn’t always so simple. That’s why we created this guide – to arm you with the information and tools you need to effectively ask your customers for testimonials and generate a… Continue reading
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Consulting Success With Video Testimonials

  Michael Zipursky, CEO of Consulting Success, gives business consultants powerful strategies to win more clients and improve their overall business efficiency. With over 6,000 consultants in over 100 countries taking Consulting Success courses, Zipursky had no shortage of positive feedback from clients. Gathering and displaying feedback in a systematic and usable way, however, was… Continue reading
online reputation monitoring for digital agencies

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24 Online Reputation Monitoring and Management Tools for Digital Agencies

If your clients have repeatedly asked you about online reputation monitoring and management, or you see your clients’ businesses suffering from a poor reputation, it’s time to start building this part of your digital agency. The best online reputation monitoring and management software for agencies don’t have to break your budget; you can build fast,… Continue reading


16 Wordpress Testimonials Plugins for 2020

Almost a third of the web now operates on WordPress, the easy-to-use content management system for web developers and beginners alike. Part of this popularity comes from the thousands of versatile and user-friendly plugins available for almost any function, including WordPress testimonial plugins. With the right WordPress testimonial plugin, you can easily collect and manage… Continue reading
how to remove google review

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5 Tips to Remove Google Reviews

Bad reviews are hard for business owners to read. When you do your best to run a quality business each day, a bad review can feel like a personal attack. This is especially true for Google reviews, which are often the first thing customers see about your business online. If you’re wondering about how to… Continue reading
net promoter score touch points

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14 Net Promoter Score Touch Points and How To Use Them

A company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a reliable measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as an indicator of future sales and income growth. How you use your NPS will partially depend on how you collect it. Choosing the right Net Promoter Score touch points to collect survey information can help to improve… Continue reading
how to measure NPS

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How to Measure NPS Accurately

Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) not only shows how customers feel about your business, but it’s also an indication of how your business might do in the future. The creators of NPS, Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, Inc., and Satmetrix Systems, Inc., found that the score correlates with future customer spending, income growth, and customer… Continue reading
how to set up or claim a business on google

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How to Set Up or Claim a Business on Google

If your customer hears about your business, or they’re looking for a business like yours in their area, odds are the first place that they’ll go is Google. Fortunately, Google provides a number of services to make your business easy to locate, including Google Maps and Google My Business. The first step to getting found… Continue reading
how to ask for reviews

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How to Ask for a Review: 19 Strategies (With Templates!)

Reading online reviews is the fastest way for customers to find out what a business is like and whether it’s right for the customer or not. If you don’t have online reviews, you’re missing out on a large part of your audience. The question then is how to ask for a review. Most people don’t… Continue reading