Creating an Instagram page for your brand can be tricky. Unlike other social media sites, posting marketing content and other company updates doesn’t fly on Instagram. Building your company Instagram page with user generated content will help you share content your followers want to see. However, not all companies are the right fit for this platform. Here are some tips on what goes into building a company Instagram page with user generated content and whether it’s the right move for your brand.

Types of companies that have success with Instagram

Building an Instagram page for your business doesn’t always make sense. There are a few factors that you should consider before putting effort into generating content for an Instagram page. You should first consider your company type – Do you sell a product? Do you preform a service? What is your company’s purpose? It’s going to be easier to find and cultivate content if you offer a tangible product or service that your customer’s can post about. Another area to consider is your target audience. Think about your top 3 groups of customers and analyze whether or not they would be on Instagram. If your main target audience is millennials you’ll have better luck running a business Instagram page versus if your main audience are baby boomers it probably isn’t the best move. Finally, to analyze whether an Instagram page makes sense for your business analyze the engagement on other social media sites you have active. If you have a high following on Facebook or Twitter, and your visual style posts get a ton of interactions, that’s an indication that Instagram is a great next step for your brand.

Why collect user generated content for Instagram?

User generated content is a natural fit on Instagram because of the highly visual and interactive nature of the platform. By cultivating user generated content to post on your Instagram page you can create a relatable content feed that your target audience wants to see. This kind of customer content helps you increase credibility on your feed as well because your customers will be influenced by what your other customers are saying and posting more than what you post. Finally, you should collect user generated content for Instagram to create buzz around something special that’s happening at your company.

What kind of user generated content to cultivate

When using user generated content for your Instagram page, not all content is created equal. Take time to find images that are eye catching and unique. It’s important that the photos you use are clear and high quality as well. Feature photos of customers actually using your product or service to add additional social proof. Another angle to take is to use customer video testimonials or product videos and add snippets of them to your Instagram feed. Finally, avoid being salesy in any way, customers follow brands on Instagram to see beautiful or interesting images – not to see ads. The kind of content you collect is up to you, but just keep in mind that it should align with your brand and be interesting enough to catch your followers’ attention.

Where to find your user generated content

There are a few different places you can look to find pre-existing user generated content. You can first search on your social media sites for hashtags, mentions, and other keywords that lead to posts that your customers have already posted about you. This is however going to be tricky to find unless you have a very specific product or service that naturally generates branded customer posts. To create these kinds of images, especially if you’re a smaller company, you can run a contest. Creating an ongoing user generated content campaign that generates a weekly winner for example will give you continuous customer content to use. Finally, look to your video and photo testimonials. By using snippets of your customer submitted content you can add to your user generated content on Instagram.

How to ask your customers for permission

In order to make sure that the user generated content you collect from your customers is shared legally, you need to get their permission before you share them on your own page. When collecting user generated content from social media pages, you need to request permission from your customer either in the comments of the photo or through a message. Once you’ve been given the go ahead make sure you tag your customer’s page in the post and give them credit for the content. Not only is this a way to avoid legal issues it also makes your user generated content look more authentic to your audience. Another way to make sure you have the right to use the user generated content is to collect your own and have some form of terms of service that explains what you intend to use the content for. This is a great option for customer video testimonials and contests or sweepstakes so that there isn’t any confusion. Once you’re granted permission to use your customer’s content start sharing on your Instagram page.

Building a company Instagram page with user generated content will have a positive impact on your brand. This type of interesting and trustworthy content will increase your followers and fill your Instagram with unique photos and videos you couldn’t generate on your own.

Have you had success running a user generated content campaign on your Instagram page? Comment your tips below!

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