No other purchase has more emotional investment—or any kind of investment—than a home. Real estate agents guide prospective homeowners through this process, and when they provide an exceptional experience, their clients notice. Strong client sentiment, a personal relationship, and a powerful story of dreams fulfilled provides the perfect setting for gathering highly effective testimonials. Savvy + Co Real Estate in Charlotte, North Carolina turns these striking stories into brand-building real estate testimonials through an efficient and cooperative strategy with their real estate agents.

Building Individual and Company Brand Through Testimonials

building brand with testimonials
One of Savvy + Co Real Estate agent’s glowing testimonials.

What They Did

Savvy + Co Real Estate gives Charlotte real estate agents cohesive branding, access to marketing automation and materials, advertising, meeting space, and more. With experience, organization, and high-powered tech behind them, agents can spend less time marketing their services and more time with clients.

Understanding that clients forge relationships with the agent, but that the authority of the organization reinforces credibility, Savvy + Co gives each agent their own URL, with the Savvy + Co brand theme. Agents choose what information to include and what features or tools to use on their individual sites, including their own testimonial gathering and display page using Boast. Agents using the testimonial feature showcase their clients’ stories and praise, including text, pictures and videos to show they are trustworthy and credible. This not only builds clients’ trust in the agent, but also builds the brand.

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Why It Works

Individual Autonomy

Part of what makes Savvy + Co Real Estate successful is their ability to empower real estate agents without interference or micromanagement. Each agent retains their own style and communicates with customers in the way that is best for them. By giving each agent access to testimonials gathering and display if they choose, they can leverage technology they are comfortable with. This way, the tools complement their business style.

Incentivizing Customer Service

Providing an exceptional experience means generating word of mouth advertising, which can be powerful. Testimonials bring word of mouth advertising online, and allow agents to leverage more value from their relationships. This gives each agent additional incentive to go above and beyond for their clients.

Building Credibility

Knowing how important their home purchase is, homebuyers are understandably cautious about choosing real estate agents. They want to know that their real estate agent will help them through the experience and understand their needs. Testimonials from previous clients about the specific agent’s performance go a long way towards building credibility and overcoming clients’ resistance.

Proving Brand Claims

Savvy + Co Real Estate focuses on genuine, face-to-face interactions with clients, while also providing powerful technology. The client testimonials praising real estate agents for their attentiveness, good listening skills, helpful attitude, and other virtues prove that each agent and the brand as a whole prioritizes personal service.

Clear and Direct

While Savvy + Co gives real estate agents the power to reach more clients and provide a higher-quality home search, the company understands the essential role the agents have in connecting with the clients. By giving agents the tools to gather and showcase testimonials, they go to the source of the client relationships. This way, clients don’t have to go through a third party to tell their agent about their experience.

Gathering More Testimonials

By giving Boast to their agents, Savvy + Co allows them to ask each of their clients individually for testimonials when the time is right. This allows them to reach more people with more genuine requests, thereby increasing the chances of response and gathering more testimonials.

Savvy + Co Real Estate demonstrates the benefits of giving many people within the organization access to powerful tools. If a group of individuals within your business build close relationships with customers, consider giving each of them access to their own testimonial gathering platform with Boast. It’s easy to set up a number of pages, and each person can have control of what testimonials they publish, and how they request.

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