Successful testimonial contest

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Essential Elements to a Successful Testimonial Contest

In order to grow your testimonial feed you need to utilize multiple marketing strategies. One testimonial generating marketing strategy is running a testimonial contest. Find an incentive that drives your customers and have them leave your company a video testimonial as a chance to win a prize. Here are essential elements to your testimonial contest: Contest… Continue reading
SEO for testimonial pages

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SEO for Testimonial Pages: 7 Helpful Tips

The social proof generated from customer testimonials makes them one of the most valuable additions to your website. By strategically segmenting the testimonials you collect and placing them on your website you can ensure that you reach the right target audience. An important piece to ensuring your testimonial page performs well is optimizing the page for SEO.… Continue reading
Real Estate Referrals

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6 Powerful Ways to Get More Real Estate Referrals

The Real Estate industry is highly competitive. With so many realtors saturating the market, clients have a lot of options when they choose a realtor to help them buy or sell a home. One of the most effective ways to retain and grow your real estate business is through referrals. It’s reported that 75 percent of an agent’s… Continue reading
Power of video marketing

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13 Stats That Prove The Power Of Video Marketing

Video marketing has emerged as a leading way for marketers to influence and engage their target audience. Using video content in your company’s marketing strategy used to be an option. Now its a necessary piece to your marketing puzzle that could make or break the success of your brand. Marketers who use video are more likely to influence their… Continue reading
11 Apps Every Business Should Have on Their Facebook Page

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11 Apps Every Business Needs On Their Facebook Page

Is your business capitalizing on it’s current Facebook page? Chances are probably not. The best Business Facebook Pages all have one thing in common – They use Facebook Apps. Whether for a sweepstakes, live content, or customer feedback, top brands are finding what makes their target audience tick, and integrating their Facebook page to increase engagement.… Continue reading
Companies using customer testimonials the right way

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13 Companies That Are Using Customer Testimonials The Right Way

It’s a no brainer that companies need to collect testimonials and feedback from their customers, but what makes a powerful testimonial strategy? Its all about collecting quality content, organizing that content, and putting it in front of the eyes of the right people. Here are 13 companies that have their testimonial strategy down: 1. Zendesk
Collect and Display Testimonials on your Facebook Page

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How to Collect & Display Testimonials on Your Facebook Page

Update July 1, 2019: This post has been updated to reflect Boast’s new user-friendly changes as well as Facebook’s most recent updates. Note that as of June, 2018, only pages with 2,000 or more likes can add special features. You won’t be able to integrate with Facebook unless you have 2,000 or more likes, but… Continue reading