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Pure Energy Window Company: Boast Client Spotlight

Here at Boast we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of customers. From real estate to marketing agencies, each industry finds a unique way to use Boast to help better their testimonial processes for themselves and their clients. One of those companies, Pure Energy Window Company, has integrated Boast into their sales… Continue reading

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Client Spotlight: The North Face Endurance Challenge

When we say Boast clients come in all shapes and sizes, we aren’t kidding. From mortgage companies to national gas and utility providers, our video and photo collection app is helping all types of organizations in distinct and unique ways. One of those is The North Face Endurance Challenge, which uses the Boast mobile app to get… Continue reading

News & Updates, Testimonials

Client Spotlight: OneTrust Home Loans

At Boast, we have had the pleasure of working with a large variety of organizations around the world that use Boast to fit their unique needs. One of those organizations – OneTrust Home Loans –  has taken customer testimonial and review collection to the next level by integrating them into their marketing and sales strategies.

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Post Kudos is now Boast!

We’ve been working on some major updates lately, and with the launch of our new features, we are taking on a new name! The reason for this is simple. As we were outlining our growth path, we realized that “Post Kudos” was very specific and limiting some of the future areas where we want to take… Continue reading