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Lock Boast App in Kiosk Mode on iPad

We live in a high-tech, mobile-world where convenience is everything. If we can’t do something in a matter of seconds, we ponder if it’s worth our time. This is no exception when it comes to collecting customer stories and reviews. The strength of a customer review goes far beyond a simple ego boost and becomes part of… Continue reading

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Client Spotlight: OneTrust Home Loans

At Boast, we have had the pleasure of working with a large variety of organizations around the world that use Boast to fit their unique needs. One of those organizations – OneTrust Home Loans –  has taken customer testimonial and review collection to the next level by integrating them into their marketing and sales strategies.

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How to Update Your Embed Codes

The recent change from Post Kudos to Boast has been an exciting one, to say the least, and has brought about many changes. One of those changes includes updating our embed forms. Now, if you’re a Boast user, you should have recently received an email about updating these forms. Don’t start panicking! It’s pretty easy, and I’ll walk you… Continue reading

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Post Kudos is now Boast!

We’ve been working on some major updates lately, and with the launch of our new features, we are taking on a new name! The reason for this is simple. As we were outlining our growth path, we realized that “Post Kudos” was very specific and limiting some of the future areas where we want to take… Continue reading

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Mailchimp Integration Now Available

One of the easiest and most trackable ways to communicate directly with your clients is through email marketing. You can keep customers up to date and engaged with your business by sending out product specials, company news, or articles that are useful to your audience. Once you have an email address for your customers, the… Continue reading
Youtube ad campaign

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YouTube Integration Now Available!

We’ve had many people approach us knowing the importance of both having a presence on YouTube and the power of displaying testimonials on their websites but were looking for a way to capture the benefit of both without having to take any additional steps. That’s where the idea of Boast YouTube Integration came in. This YouTube widget allows you to upload videos to your YouTube channel with one click of a button, while uploading videos directly to your website. At the same time, it also gives you the ability to have multiple people add videos to your YouTube channel.

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Customer testimonials are so important not only from an internal prospective and for evaluating how your business is performing but from an outsider standpoint and in trying to capture new clients. We wanted to start a universal conversation around this that gives businesses a chance to showcase what their customer are saying. That’s where #TestimonialTuesday… Continue reading

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Boast Member Exclusive – Extended Free Trial of Moz Analytics

Boast is a great tool for building credibility, showcasing testimonials and giving your business a face, but if your website isn’t getting much traffic, reaching your sales goals can be tough. That’s why we’ve partnered with Moz, an industry leading web analytics software company that specializes in helping companies improve inbound marketing efforts and build… Continue reading