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Are Paid or Fake Testimonials Illegal?

Launching a product or starting a business is hard. You’ve spent time and money to make something great, but no one is paying attention. You need to get noticed, so you find yourself in a gray area, asking; Are paid or fake testimonials illegal? How illegal are they? Will I get caught? You’re certainly not… Continue reading
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15 Employee Testimonial Questions and Tips to Improve Recruitment Videos

No one knows more about your company culture than your employees. If your business is a great place to work and your employees are happy, employee testimonial videos are a great way to show it off. Use these 15 employee testimonial questions and tips to get great videos and improve recruitment. Employee Testimonial Questions to… Continue reading
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Help Your Customers Make a Great Testimonial Video

Testimonials from real customers lend authenticity to your brand, showcase your strengths, and help other customers learn more about your business. Studies show that approximately 84% of people trust reviews from other customers as much as friends. To make a great testimonial video, it helps to give your happy customers a bit of instruction. Here… Continue reading
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16 WordPress Testimonials Plugins for 2020

Almost a third of the web now operates on WordPress, the easy-to-use content management system for web developers and beginners alike. Part of this popularity comes from the thousands of versatile and user-friendly plugins available for almost any function, including WordPress testimonial plugins. With the right WordPress testimonial plugin, you can easily collect and manage… Continue reading


Success Stories From “Living to the Fullest”

  “My company is called Vivir al Máximo (which means “living to the fullest” in Spanish), and we sell different online courses to help our students create a life on their own terms. In our market, having credible testimonials from your students is key for selling your courses, but in the past it was a… Continue reading
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21 Testimonial Questions to Make Easy, Impactful Testimonials

High-quality testimonials show your business’s value, inspire trust, and give your business authority. But gathering testimonials that sound sincere while also highlighting your businesses can be tough. The right testimonial questions can shape the narrative, and tell the customer’s story as well as your own. Use these 21 testimonial questions to help you and your… Continue reading
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13 Examples of Lead-Generating Testimonial Pages From Brands We Love

The fastest growing companies with the most loyal followers and the best customer service focus a lot on word-of-mouth, and they get a lot back. Many of these companies never place TV advertisements, or cash in big bucks on advertising in general. Instead, they spotlight their customers and use lead-generating testimonials pages to generate trust,… Continue reading
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15 Case Study Best Practices To Win New Customers in 2018

Case studies are one of the most effective ways to inspire customer confidence and boost conversions. Done correctly, a case study can be a huge asset to your business, and can help you win hundreds of new customers each year. As you prepare your case studies in 2018, keep these 15 case study best practices… Continue reading
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7 Signs of a Trustworthy and Reliable Testimonial

Positive reviews and testimonials influence as many as 90% of buyers. If a product is reviewed favorably or you see a convincing testimonial, you’re more likely to believe it’s a good product and buy it. But are product testimonials reliable? We’ve all seen suspicious commercials with testimonials from “real people, not actors.” We’ve seen long… Continue reading