Trusted Housitters Moments and Memories Boast Testimonial Campaign

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Case Study: How Trusted Housesitters Collected Over 2,000 Boast Customer Testimonials Using a Contest

Sharing economy websites—platforms that facilitate lending, buying, and selling goods or services from individuals online—have revolutionized a number of industries from travel to education, even childcare, food and beauty services. Trust in these peer-to-peer marketplaces is the currency second only to currency itself. Dealing with two of the most cherished things in many of our… Continue reading
Customer Case Study

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15 Case Study Best Practices To Win New Customers in 2018

Case studies are one of the most effective ways to inspire customer confidence and boost conversions. Done correctly, a case study can be a huge asset to your business, and can help you win hundreds of new customers each year. As you prepare your case studies in 2018, keep these 15 case study best practices… Continue reading
Trustworthy and Reliable Testimonials

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7 Signs of a Trustworthy and Reliable Testimonial

Positive reviews and testimonials influence as many as 90% of buyers. If a product is reviewed favorably or you see a convincing testimonial, you’re more likely to believe it’s a good product and buy it. But are product testimonials reliable? We’ve all seen suspicious commercials with testimonials from “real people, not actors.” We’ve seen long… Continue reading
Testimonials in your video marketing strategy

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5 Ways To Use Testimonials In Your Video Marketing Strategy

With videos getting more clicks, watches, and conversions than any other type of media, video has become an essential part of your marketing strategy. Whether you already have a video marketing strategy or you’re just getting started, video testimonials can make your strategy more interesting and more trustworthy. If you already have video testimonials, you’re… Continue reading
10 Testimonial Guidelines to Follow


10 Testimonial Guidelines to Ensure You’re Not Breaking the Law

Every business wants to see positive reviews. Customer review statistics show that 77% of buyers research reviews before a purchase, and 90% say what they read makes or breaks their buy. With this level of influence, many businesses try to “bend” testimonial guidelines. What’s the worst that could happen?
Testimonial page design inspirations


7 Testimonial Page Design Inspirations For Your New Website

If you’re newly creating your website or redesigning, you might be uncertain what to do with your testimonials. While there are many ways to add client testimonials to your website, a dedicated testimonials page is one of the most direct. With the right design and the right organization, your testimonials page can show your successes… Continue reading
Successful testimonial contest

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Essential Elements to a Successful Testimonial Contest

In order to grow your testimonial feed you need to utilize multiple marketing strategies. One testimonial generating marketing strategy is running a testimonial contest. Find an incentive that drives your customers and have them leave your company a video testimonial as a chance to win a prize. Here are essential elements to your testimonial contest: Contest… Continue reading
SEO for testimonial pages

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SEO for Testimonial Pages: 7 Helpful Tips

The social proof generated from customer testimonials makes them one of the most valuable additions to your website. By strategically segmenting the testimonials you collect and placing them on your website you can ensure that you reach the right target audience. An important piece to ensuring your testimonial page performs well is optimizing the page for SEO.… Continue reading
20 Impactful Statistics about Using Testimonials in Marketing

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20 Impactful Statistics About Using Testimonials In Marketing

It’s no secret that the social proof generated through testimonials helps your brand promote credibility. But in case you needed some more reasons to add testimonials into your marketing campaigns, we’ve laid out a few below. These 20 statistics prove that testimonials are a influential addition to your marketing campaigns. 20 impactful statistics & reasons to include testimonials in your marketing… Continue reading
5 Legal Considerations When using Testimonial in Advertising


5 Legal Considerations When Using Testimonials In Advertising

Repurposing testimonials in the form of Advertisements is a great way to make the most out of the customer praise you collect. Whether you turn your video testimonials into video ads on Facebook or Youtube, or add your photo testimonials to sponsored posts online, there are a multitude of ways to use your positive customer… Continue reading
Testimonial examples to inspire your first campaign


Testimonial Examples To Inspire Your First Campaign

Creating an engaging and effective page to showcase your customer testimonials can be hard when starting from scratch. Just like any other marketing tactic it can be helpful to see examples of what leaders in your industry are doing before you begin to create your own campaign. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of examples… Continue reading