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How to Allow & Revoke Access to Your Webcam in Your Web Browser

If you are using a web application, such as Boast, to record a video with your webcam, you need to allow that specific website through your web browser access to your webcam. If you have previously allowed a website access to your webcam and want to revoke that privilege, you will need to do that… Continue reading

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New Feature: Boast Thank You Page

Customer loyalty and experience has the ability to make or break your business. With 68% of customers abandoning companies and products because they feel that they’re indifferent, it is important to take every opportunity to let your customers know they matter to you. When a customer fills out a form, purchases a product, or submits a… Continue reading

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Video Testimonials: The Key to a Memorable LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become a vital part to not only maintaining a professional presence in our online world, but it has also become an avenue to expand your network and connect with old and new clients. LinkedIn’s unique, résumé-like interface offers a way to show off your skills, expertise, successes, projects and much more. However, you are… Continue reading
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Customizing Your Testimonial Submission Form

This blog post was updated on 6/14/19 to reflect Boast’s new user-friendly updates. We know that being able to customize your testimonial collection form is important. Shorter forms tend to get better responses, but you may want to get more information from your customers. That is why we added some quick and easy customizable options… Continue reading

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Testimonial Management Software: Organize, Edit & Download Testimonials

As testimonials and reviews continue to play a larger role in the sales process, there’s an even bigger need for a way to effectively organize and manage them. With Boast’s testimonial management software, it not only gives you an easy way to collect testimonials and reviews but it also functions as a comprehensive testimonial management tool allowing… Continue reading

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How to Locate and Interpret Boast Stats in Google Analytics

With today’s expanding digital use and endless resources for insights, it is important to monitor user engagement with your brand and website. Google Analytics is a helpful tool that will provide you with data regarding page views, sessions, and users on your site. This information can tell you what pages are performing better than others… Continue reading
Collect and Display Testimonials on your Facebook Page

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How to Collect & Display Testimonials on Your Facebook Page

Update July 1, 2019: This post has been updated to reflect Boast’s new user-friendly changes as well as Facebook’s most recent updates. Note that as of June, 2018, only pages with 2,000 or more likes can add special features. You won’t be able to integrate with Facebook unless you have 2,000 or more likes, but… Continue reading

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Lock Boast App in Kiosk Mode on iPad

We live in a high-tech, mobile-world where convenience is everything. If we can’t do something in a matter of seconds, we ponder if it’s worth our time. This is no exception when it comes to collecting customer stories and reviews. The strength of a customer review goes far beyond a simple ego boost and becomes part of… Continue reading

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How to Update Your Embed Codes

The recent change from Post Kudos to Boast has been an exciting one, to say the least, and has brought about many changes. One of those changes includes updating our embed forms. Now, if you’re a Boast user, you should have recently received an email about updating these forms. Don’t start panicking! It’s pretty easy, and I’ll walk you… Continue reading

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Installing Boast For WordPress

Boast makes it easy to collect and display testimonials on your WordPress website. Follow the steps below to get started collecting testimonials and showcasing your praise. 1. Create a page for collecting testimonials The first step to collecting testimonials on your WordPress website is creating the page that you will use to collect your testimonials.… Continue reading