Using a system to collect star ratings is a great way to add some additional social proof to your customer testimonials. Not only are star ratings an easy comparison metric for your customers, they help you make quick and informed decisions as a brand. Whether you plan to collect star ratings for your product or service, or just want some behind the scenes feedback from your customers, you need to have a plan in place to ensure your customers participate.

Here are 5 ways to collect star ratings from your customers:

#1: Collect star ratings directly on your website

Create a page on your website dedicated to collecting star rating reviews. Segmenting your submission forms by product or service page on your website will help you get detailed and specific reviews for each individual product or service. The more readily available this information is on your website, the greater number of customers you will influence to participate.

#2: Add a star rating review widget to your Facebook page

By adding an area on your Facebook page for customers to easily submit their feedback, you will greatly increase the number of participants. Facebook is a platform that many already use to express their feelings about a brand, so why not use it to your advantage? Once you’ve gotten your customers to leave you a submission via Facebook, this is also a great area to show off your star rating reviews in the future.

#3: Create an email in your email marketing drip campaign dedicated to collecting star ratings

Integrating star rating collection into your email marketing drips will help you automate submissions. Collecting a star rating in this way can help you use the metric for multiple purposes. Whether that be your customers rating your product or service, or submitting feedback on your brand’s customer service, this metric will help you gain valuable feedback across the board. Be strategic about where you place this email within your email drip to ensure the timing aligns well with where your customer is in their buyers journey.

#4: Reach out for a star rating review post sale or service

Have your team collect star ratings from your customers after the sale or service has been completed. Making this apart of your sales pipeline will help you gain consistent feedback and allow you to get a star rating review when your company is fresh in your client’s mind. There are a number of effective ways to collect after a sale or service experience. You can either send a follow up email, ask for a review in person, or send a quick and convenient text message requesting a submission. Choose a method that makes the most sense for your brand and aligns with your typical customer engagement.

#5: Run a contest or sweepstakes centered around star ratings

Have your customers enter into a contest or sweepstakes to incentivize star rating submissions. This will help you increase participation by giving them a reward for submitting. The more submission you collect the more options you have on what reviews you want to showcase, and where.

Overall, collecting a 1-5 star rating when you collect your testimonial is a great way to amplify your social proof. Star ratings are a common metric that many consumers use to compare companies. Using these 5 different collection ideas, you’re sure to increase your customer participation. What are some ways that your brand requests star rating feedback?

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