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Testimonials matter when it comes to generating leads and closing sales. We created a robust tool to help you collect praise and leverage happy customers to grow your business.

From our intuitive, mobile-friendly testimonial request form, to our 1-click approval process, to customizable embed widgets for displaying praise, Boast has everything you need build business-boosting library of raving testimonials.

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Collect video and photo testimonials

Video testimonials establish trust in a way that text reviews don’t. But collecting them is hard work!

If you don’t want to fork out thousands to have a professional shoot and edit each video, how do you convince customers to record a video on their own? Once it’s recorded, how do they get it to you?

Boast helps you overcome these obstacles by providing user-friendly forms that make it easy for customers to submit video and photo testimonials from any camera-enabled device.

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  • The North Face
  • Whole Foods
  • Hubspot
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Amazon Blink

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