Customer loyalty and experience has the ability to make or break your business. With 68% of customers abandoning companies and products because they feel that they’re indifferent, it is important to take every opportunity to let your customers know they matter to you. When a customer fills out a form, purchases a product, or submits a testimonial, you should say thank you. A Thank You page not only lets the customer know you’ve noticed them, but also opens doors for optimization.  Adding a Thank You page creates an opportunity to link back to your website, share on social media, and even showcase a different call to action. That’s why Boast users now have the option to create a Thank You page that displays after a customer submits a testimonial.

Customizing Your Boast Thank You Page

We know how important branding is, which is why this new feature allows you to customize the look and message of your Thank You page. Follow these simple steps to start creating your custom Thank You page.

Step One: Log into your Boast account and click on My Campaigns.

Step Two: Determine which campaign you would like to add a Thank You page to and hit Edit Campaign.

Step Three: At bottom of the page, you can place HTML code into the Thank You page box to customize the message and look of your page. Below I’ve created a headline and a subhead for my Thank You page, as well as a link to go back to the testimonial form and website.

thank you page code
thank you page text

Adding Social Sharing Buttons to Thank You Page

When your customers submit a testimonial, why not give them the option to share it on their social media pages so their followers see it as well? Adding social media icons to your Boast Thank You page will encourage customers to share their testimonials with others, expanding the exposure of each testimonial and the brand. Integrating social sharing can be done several ways; through multiple different third party widgets. One social widget, AddThis, allows you to choose from a variety of different share tools that can be easily added to your Thank You page. To add the social media icons, simply paste the social widget code of your choice into your Thank You page box, and the icons will display.

social sharing

When a user chooses to share their testimonial on social media, the post is auto populated with the page title and URL the user is sharing. Using the “Newsletter Sharing Buttons” widget from AddThis (which is free), you can set the page title and URL to whatever you want to be displayed and shared. For example, I set the page title as “I told my gratitude story, now tell yours! – Boast” so that the message populates when a user hits share, and the URL leads to the “Testimonials” page of the company.

boast twitter sharing

linkedin sharing

This new Boast feature not only gives you the opportunity to tell your customers Thank You, but also allows you to optimize another page by adding links and social sharing buttons. With a little coding and creativity, your Boast Thank You page can get customers back on your site, and expose your business to more people through social sharing.

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