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how to get more reviews

How to Get More Reviews on Google Business, Facebook and Yelp in 3 Easy Steps

If you receive a negative review on Google Business or another site, it can be damaging to your business. However, 68% of customers read less than 6 reviews. 90% read less than 10. This means, though you can’t remove the bad review, you can essentially push it out of sight by getting more positive reviews. With the following strategy, you can get more reviews on Google Business, Facebook, Yelp and other sites in three easy steps.

online reputation monitoring for digital agencies

16 Reputation Monitoring and Management Tools for Digital Agencies

If your clients have repeatedly asked you about online reputation monitoring and management, or you see your clients’ businesses suffering from a poor reputation, it’s time to start building this part of your digital agency. The best online reputation monitoring and management software for agencies don’t have to break your budget; you can build fast, cost-effective reputation monitoring services by building an efficient, streamlined tech stack.

how to remove google review

5 Tips to Remove Google Reviews

Bad reviews are hard for business owners to read. When you do your best to run a quality business each day, a bad review can feel like a personal attack. This is especially true for Google reviews, which are often the first thing customers see about your business online. If you’re wondering about how to remove Google reviews, you do have some options.

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Removing and responding to negative reviews is the first step… To prevent this from happening in the future, you need a process in place to consistently collect positive reviews and testimonials…

However, managing negative reviews is only one part of a wholesome reputation management strategy. Collecting more, higher quality reviews is important.

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