One of the best ways to connect with potential customers is to showcase company culture. Posting authentic content on your social media pages and website allows potential customers to get a more genuine picture of your company. Customers are more likely to connect with your brand if they feel like they can relate to your company culture and your employees. One way to show company culture is by collecting employee video testimonials. 

How to Collect Employee Video Testimonials

There are a few different ways that you can streamline collecting employee video testimonials. One way is to collect video content during an event. For example if you have an annual company holiday party, or a monthly employee event, you could collect content from the event to showcase on your social media and website. Another idea is to showcase employee milestones at the company, like anniversaries, for example. Use these videos to show your culture, so the content you collect will change based on what is an important part of your company culture.

What Content Should You Collect From Your Employees?

When collecting employee video testimonials there are a ton of different types of content that work well at showcasing company culture. One type of employee video testimonial to collect are employee bios. This can do a better job at explaining your employee’s relationship and history with your company.  Another type of content is just general Q&A videos that allow them to express why they like working at your company. There are a few questions that you can ask your employees to help you collect content that does a good job at showing your company’s culture. Here are a few questions you could ask your employees when collecting video testimonials from them:

  1. When did you start working at company X?
  2. What is you favorite part about working at company X?
  3. Share a funny memory about working at company X.
  4. What’s you favorite recent project you’ve worked on and why?
  5. What company event do you look forward to every year?

Where to Show Employee Video Testimonials

Once you’ve taken the time collect a robust feed of employee video testimonials, you can work to show them in a strategic way. Create a feed of employee videos for your website where you put company culture videos next to employee bios. Or you can turn your employee bios into video employee bios all together. This will help potential customers easily find information about employees that they may be working with by working with your company. Another idea is to showcase a weekly group employee testimonial video that showcases a fun event or milestone that has happened that week. A final way to showcase employee video testimonials is to compile them into a video that is shared during a company anniversary on social media and your website.

When collecting employee video testimonials you can really get creative. The content you collect should do a good job at showcasing your company culture and information about your company that can’t be found in the basic “About” section on your website. By adding employee video testimonials to your strategy, you can humanize your brand which will lead to better lead generation and customer communication in the future.

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